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Hawthorn Primary School


Primary School

Inspire, Challenge, Achieve

Year 6

New books!


Year 6 had an amazing surprise when they came in the classroom to 30 new books!

There were a few heated discussions after Samia decided to have 6 books to read!!!


Geography - how polluted is our local environment?


Have you ever wondered what condition is of the air we are breathing? We conducted an interesting experiment in geography to look at the amount of pollution in our local area. After collecting leaves, we mixed them with water and filtered the water for the traces of pollution. Look at the results!


Eid Mubarak!


In preparation for our Eid celebrations, Year 6 decorated the classroom. We had banners, lanterns, flags of countries celebrating this religious festival: it looked amazing!





Our party was extremely fun too! We had a quiz on Eid and Ramadan, ate samosas and played party games to some traditional Islamic party music! Before the children left to celebrate with their family, we gifted the children with a little present - as this is a tradition to families during Eid.


We hope you have amazing celebrations at home and we look forward to hearing about it and seeing some beautiful photos!

DT - birdhouses.


We had so much fun constructing our birdhouses in D.T. Once we had measured and planned our design, we used nails, hammers and wood glue to join together our work. We painted them and took them home to help the birds! We think the 'Eco Warriors' team at Hawthorn will be super pleased!


Knife Crime Workshop


West Midlands Police came to visit us to talk about street safety, choice-making and knife crime.


Cultural Diversity


We are very lucky to have so many different cultures, faiths and religions in our school. To celebrate this, we have created some art in a 'stain glass' style!

This week Year 6 made witches potions for an introduction to their English learning . Can you see what they are using for their potions ?

The children in Year 6 had the choice to create a character from a book with a potato or do a story in jar for World Book Day .

PSHE - what are your dreams and goals?


During our daily teams meeting, we discussed why people set themselves dreams and goals. We talked about what the difference is between a 'dream' and a 'goal' and the children were asked to think about academic or personal achievements they would like to work towards. It is safe to say that we have found these to be very endearing...


We can think of nothing more cheery and uplifting than owing a balloon shop Alex!


To help others always makes us feel good in ourselves. What a lovely goal Ethan and something you have already done by contributing to our class food bank!


Kyrah, we think you should already be very confident in yourself. You have made excellent progress already this year and you are capable of amazing things!


Wow! Khalid, once you've learned, would you mind teaching us too?


A full pen license will be on the cards Max... keep practising your handwriting at home!


Taylor, this will definitely be Mr Barr's favourite goal! We love the aim high attitude from you!


Samiah works so hard in class, the world will be her oyster. Although, her carpentry skills were also excellent when we made our birdhouses so maybe that could be added too?

Well done!

We love celebrating your success in Year Six so during this new lockdown, I will share some of the additional work that you have emailed me and completed.



Well done Alex, you have followed the art tutorial really well to create your own drawing of Grumpy!


Well done Heidi, you have remembered your learning on the persecution of the Jews in WW2 and applied it to your R.E learning about persecution and discrimination.


You have also tried out some of the drawing tutorials and created a lovely drawing of Winnie The Pooh.


Well done Samiah, you have been practising your cartoon drawing with a good focus on proportion.

Additional Online Learning


If you are looking for additional activities to go alongside your set work, please take a look at this timetable from BBC Bitesize outlining some lessons which are taught live everyday. 



Still image for this video

Science - What are the components of blood?


Today we made models of blood which helped us to understand the four main components of blood: plasma, platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells. Can you tell which ingredients we used for each part? 

Science - What is the circulatory system?


Year 6 have started their new science topic - The Circulatory System. Some children knew that this was a biological process in the body but were unsure of the organs and components of the body involved. The children started by drawing the two-way circuit and used a poster to identify the key components.



After a short video, the children used a fill the gaps activity to write a description about the heart and how it works to pump blood around the body. 


Planet Earth



Learning about microorganisms


Year Six have recently learned about microorganisms (small living things also known as 'germs') in their science lesson; so we have incorporated our science with our health and well-being to observe the growth of micro-organisms on bread handled with clean hands and bread handled with dirty hands.


The class made a unanimous prediction that they bread handled with dirty hands will evidence more microorganism growth than the bread handled with clean hands.


Check in with us soon to see the results...

Forest School


The children that took part in forest school incorporated our theme of World War 2 into their learning. They used powdered egg (as it kept for longer during the war) to make 'egg in windows' and cook it on the fire that they made! They then had a taste of their cooking and all enjoyed it!





Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 intro video

This is "Year 6 intro video" by Hawthorn Primary School on Vimeo.

Welcome back!


Welcome back to Hawthorn Primary School and welcome to Year Six!


The children have already settled amazingly into their new routine and have enjoyed being back at school, seeing their friends and sharing 'lockdown' stories.


We are so proud of how sensibly and maturely Year Six have adapted to the 'new normal' around school. They are making sure they are regularly washing their hands, using the one way systems, not sharing resources and complying with the 'catch it, bin it, kill it' advice we have all been given by the government. 


This space is going to be an important area where you can see Year Six's learning, spy on their school visits (!) and also have an additional copy of any information our Y6 team send you. 


Below is a welcome to Y6 booklet which shares some information regarding P.E, uniform and home learning. 


We look forward to working with you this year, 

Miss Bingham & Mrs Kaur.






Time Capsule of Hopes and Dreams


Some of the children in Y6 Forest School buried our time capsule on Thursday. 


Individually, we all wrote a hope or dream that they wish to achieve by the end of Year Six. This could be a personal or academic goal. We then put them in the box confidentially and we have buried it in our Forest School area.


We can't wait to see who has achieved their goal at the end of Year Six!