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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



Welcome to our web page where you can read about all the exciting things year 5 have been learning about in school. Our class theme this term is 'There's no place like home...'


We have been discovering all about the place we live 'Birmingham'. Its history, its culture, how Birmingham became the 1st city of the United Kingdom. We have many trips planned around the city and our local area. We have already been to Witton Lakes, the 'Council House', 'Curzon Street', 'St Phillips Cathedral', 'Birmingham Back to Backs' and now plan to go to 'Sutton Park' to investigate the physical and human landscape.


Question of the week: 



In English we are currently looking at non-chronological reports,



In maths this term we have been focusing on fractions and using 

Spring Term



In the spring term year 5 learnt about Ancient Greece.


We have been learning about where Greece is in the world, what the weather is like compared to the UK and have been looking at Greek myths.


Use this website to help you with your home learning:


Remember to check out our class blog:



In English we have been writing our own myths and writing continuations to the myth of Hercules. We are now working on performance poetry with a focus on rap poetry. We have looked at 'Gran, can you rap?' and 'Confessions of a Runner'. We are now writing own our rap poems to perform in front of the class. Even Mr Lancaster and Mrs Hodgett are going to perform a rap for the class.


This term we have been learning all about sentences; relative clauses, complex sentences, main clauses and subordinate clauses. Have a go at this interactive game and see what sentences you can make:



In maths this term we have been looking at line graphs, prime numbers, fractions or amounts, division and multiplication.

We have been learning all about working out multiplication and division using the short methods, we have found these simpler to use and faster. Why not ask year five how to use these methods!


Check out and have a read this weeks book review below, written by: Why not see other book reviews from previous weeks, to help you make a decision on what to read next.

World Book Day

On the 5th March 2015 we celebrated our love for books in year five, by dressing up as some of our favourite characters.

Below are some pictures of our great day as our characters.


Autumn Term


In the autumn term our theme was 'The Forces of Nature'. We learnt about volcanoes, solids, liquids and gases (properties of materials) and earthquakes.

Check out the links below to see what we did in our learning.


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