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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


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Please practice your Christmas song .

Sing up its Christmas

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In Year 4 we have been learning how to use different pencils to create tones. We have made close observational drawings of Anglo-Saxon jewellery and then used these drawings to inspire us in making a block for a collograph print.

Here are some photos of us at work.


In science Year 4 are learning about electricity. They were given 2 wires, a bulb and battery and asked to investigate how they could make the bulb light. Here are the photos of us experimenting.

Success at last!

After trying out all sorts of different combinations we discussed the meaning of the word circuit and how that might help us to think of ways to light the bulb.

Pupil Ambassadors

We have been voting for the two children that we would like to represent us in the school Pupil Ambassador meetings. We have chosen children thought we thought would be:

  • good role models
  • speak clearly
  • share our ideas
  • report back


Here are are some photos of us casting our votes. Have a look at the Pupil Ambassador page to see who won.



Reading Skills

In Year 4 we are reading Beowulf. During our reading lessons we have been practising the skill of prediction. As we read we use thought bubbles to help us explain what we are thinking.

Revealing our new class book

Year 4 intro video

This is "Year 4 intro video" by Hawthorn Primary School on Vimeo.