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Year 3

January 2021 -Hello Year 3 . Hope you all had a lovely break . 

Just to let you all know our live lesson will be everyday Mon-Fri at  1.45pm . All the staff in Year 3 will be looking forward to seeing you all each day for busy home learning .  There will also be new learning uploaded each day for you all on BGFL65  and you all had lots of practice at this :) .   If you would like to send photos in of your home learning here is the email

Keep safe and hope to see you all soon .

Mr Venencia    Miss Sheppard    Miss James 

Year 3 home learning photos smiley
Isha has been doing some extra home learning using Bitesize and twinkl. Can you name any of the body parts ?
Some more of Isha's fantastic home learning .
Year 3 enjoyed seeing each other today on our live catch up.smiley

Thank you for all the children/parents that logged on today for our live lessons, it was lovely to see you all .

Remember if you are having any problems logging on, please contact the school. Well done to all the children that have completed all the work that was uploaded for today .  Looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow 7/01/21 at 1.45pm smiley

Lola's amazing home learning . 

Year 3 intro video

This is "Year 3 intro video" by Hawthorn Primary School on Vimeo.

Welcome to Year 3 (September 2020) . The children have all settled in fantastically and have enjoyed seeing all  of their friends after such a long time . 

We are incredibly proud of how amazing Year 3 have adapted to the new routines in school. They are washing their hands regularly, using their own resources and understand the importance of 'catch it, bin it , kill it'.

Our theme is Meet the Flintstones ( The Stone Age ) .


Watch this Space for learning updates. Looking forward to a great year with you all .

Mr Venencia and Miss Sheppard 

Merry Christmas to all of Year 3


Still image for this video
Some children from Year 3 got to spend the afternoon with Mrs Abraham for a reward for getting 20 golden tickets . The children had a fabulous time , they had hot chocolate, marshmallows , candy canes and chocolate. The children had lots of fun dancing to music and enjoying their afternoon for their fantastic hard work . well done children !!!

Santa Dash 

Today the children took part in the Hawthorn Santa Dash . The children had to either walk,jog  or run around part of the playground for 20 minutes . We are very pleased to say Year 3 completed 41 laps . We had a lot of very tired children at the end and staff too !!!!

Year 3 will be be taking part in lots of activities with Country Trust over the next 6 months . The children will get chance to to grow their own vegetables, cooking and even have their own market at the end of the year . 

Today was our introduction and we got to try some vegetables that some of us had never tasted before . We tasted Parnips,ginger,beetroot and cabbage. Take a look at some of our photos .


Island creation

Today we say goodbye to one of the students Mikey . We want to wish him all the best and please keep in touch. All of Year 3 will miss you lots. 

We had party food, music with lots of dancing and games . To end with a slide show of the children saying their goodbyes .


The children were looking through letters to point out key points such as facts, key points, opinion and questions.

Year 3 used the laptops to research the history of famous  earthquakes .

Where did it happen ?

When did it happen ?

What magnitude was it ?


The children have been thinking about what colours we see around during Autumn time. After we had the opportunity to mix paints to make all the different colours . 
Here are our final pictures .

Today Year 3 had a  discussion about why we celebrate Remembrance Day and why we have  a 2 minute silence . 

The children all worked together to make large Poppies to show their mark of respect . 

Year 3 have been very busy in Literacy writing instructions about having a good growth mindset .

We talked about what the problem was and how we could approach it in different ways.

Take a looks at some of our instructions . Could they help you ?

Learning for wc 28.09.20




Log on to and, after entering the school login, enter your own username and password.  Complete the lesson for today's date first then have a go at the questions.  Remember, you can have a look at additional learning in any topic if you wish.  The week's learning looks like this:



English 29.09.20 Calligrams

English 30.09.20 Concrete poetry
Welcome to Year 3!
Year 3 have had an amazing day wearing yellow to show our awareness of Mental Health Day. We had a class discussion about our emotions and worries which we can have an effect on our mental health. We have learnt it's good to talk about how we feel to either our friends or adults at home and in school.     

Today in PHSE  we talked about taking pride in what we do , we discussed times we have felt proud and why it made us feel that way .

We then all wrote down on 'Gold Medals'times when we have felt proud .  The children came up with lots of different ways they have felt proud . 

we listened to calming sounds from the Amazon Rain Forrest  and talked about how it made us feel .

Today Year 3 carried out a scientific investigation to see if people with longer legs jumped further than people with shorter legs. They lined up from tallest to shortest . They then all had  a turn to turn to jump and we measured to see how far each child jumped . 

Our results found some children with shorter legs jumped further .

Today Year 3 enjoyed using the laptops and Ipads to research different types of UK settlements . They used Google as their  main search engine.