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Year 3

Our Class Charter

Welcome back year 3 . We had a fun afternoon in BSL . The children learn't the signs for confused,angry and surprised . The children have to use facial expressions along with the sign .

Happy Easter 

Hope you all have a lovely break and have lots of fun .

Miss Rowaiye and Miss Sheppard are looking forward

to seeing you all after the Easter break .

The children all had a chance to have a fun time on the bouncy castle and also search round forrest school for mini eggs . They all had lots of fun .Thanks to Mrs Zentani and Mrs Broadfield

Year 3 Country Trust 

Today we got our planter beds ready .

In groups we planted potatoes, garlic, onions, peas, and board beans .

We also made pots and planted tomato seeds . 

When we went back to class we all smelts fresh herbs in pots . 

Take a look at our photos . 


Our signs this week are Hello / Goodbye and Thank you . Also getting used to signing our own names .

The children made Easter baskets today and completed some Easter activity sheets .

Today in our SPAG lesson we were understanding co-ordinating conjunctions .

In Geography today we Identified different bodies of water.

Year 3 enjoying their PE lesson . Learning to catch effectively using the correct position . Making sure they are using eye coordination .

The children look really happy making Mother's Day cards. Happy Mother's Day

Firstly we would like to say a big WELL DONE to all of Years 3 for all their amazing work over the past 9 weeks. Also the parents for supporting them everyday with their work . You have all been amazing !

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March and I am sure you are all looking forward to seeing your friends again.

Please Remember to wear your PE kits to school on Wednesdays and Fridays .

See you all Monday morning at 8.45am . smiley

February 2021 -Hello Year 3 . Hope you all had a lovely break . 

Just to let you all know our live lesson will be everyday Mon-Fri at  1.45pm . All the staff in Year 3 will be looking forward to seeing you all each day for busy home learning .  There will also be new learning uploaded each day for you all on BGFL65  and you all had lots of practice at this :) .   If you would like to send photos in of your home learning here is the email

Keep safe and hope to see you all soon .

Mr Venencia    Miss Sheppard    Miss James 

Year 3 home Spring term photos smiley

Arron was really inspired by our topic of bees , so he decided to make his very own BEE CAFE . This is amazing Arron .

The children have been using a potatoes to create their favourite character from a book they enjoy reading .

Some of the children choose to put a story inside a jar .

The children have been thinking about their top 5 favourite books.

This afternoon, Years 3 and 4 listened to a classical piece of music called The Firebird by Stravinsky. They then created a piece of artwork based on the music they had heard.

Hamza planted some cress seeds in cotton wool and has been checking everyday to see how much they have grown.

Eiman has been amazing on J2 blast 42 0ut 0f 42 . Keep up the fantastic effort Eiman

In Literacy the children were asked to understand and sequence how bees make honey.. The children have done some amazing work .

Hamza has made is very own bees' . He found out a very important fact . That bees vomite into each others mouths to make the nectar thicker..

These are amazing Isha

Mrs Youdan's bee hives in her back garden

Still image for this video
Mrs Youdan kindly recorded a video this morning to show you the bees coming to the hives . Spring is coming

In Maths we have been learning about measuring . Arron is busy using his ruler to help him measure things.

Arron and Broly enjoying yoga for their daily exercise.

Lola's half term activities.

For Art yesterday the children were asked to try paper weaving . They have produced some amazing ones .

How amazing is Isha's pyramid of Giza

Eiman's amazing pyramid . Wow !!

Junaid's amazing pyramids that he made over half term .

Broly's half term activities .

Arron having fun at Cannon Chase during the half term.

Year 3 have been working hard on making their own spin on the story of Aladdin. Take a look at Isha's .

Isha asked the children in year 3 which fruit they liked the best . She then made a pictogram to show the results.

The children in school playing the Glockenspiels in music.

Some of the children having fun in History designing their own Tutankhamuns and using the iPad to research informations about them.

Zakiah's amazing drawing of a ladys face .

Ashton getting lots of practise for his spelling test tomorrow.

Arron has been having lots of fun making his very own pyramid using cardboard and paint.

Safer Internet Day

The children in school learning about Children Mental Health

Year 3 have been designing their own posters to promote Children's Mental Health Week at home.

Broly keeping active at home .

Isha and Eiman both got 10/10 in their spelling test during our live lesson today. Well done !!

Evelyn showing off her creative skills

Broly enjoys completing word searchers when he is taking a break from his home learning .

Broly enjoying playing Game of Life with his Family

Lola had some money left over from her pocket and decided she would like to donate it to Children in Need . How lovely of you Lola. 

Lolo's amazing snowman

Well done to Junaid 10/10 in the spelling test during our online catch up today .
Arron has been busy writing his own instructions for , How to make a monster pizza. After he had completed his instructions he then followed them step by step and made his very monster pizza.
This week in English , the children had to design their own party invitation to a Monster Party . They had to use good adjectives to persuade the monster to come . Take a look at some of them . Would they make you want to come to the party ?

Year 3 were asked to make a poster in guided reading to celebrate World Religion Day.

The children worked very hard and have produced some amazing posters with lots of information on them . 

Evelyn has drew a fantastic pyramid to go with Year 3's Theme  Anicent Egypt
Isha has been doing some extra home learning using Bitesize and twinkl. Can you name any of the body parts ?
Some more of Isha's fantastic home learning .
Year 3 enjoyed seeing each other today on our live catch up.smiley
Lola's amazing home learning .