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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Year 3 intro video

This is "Year 3 intro video" by Hawthorn Primary School on Vimeo.

Welcome to Year 3 (September 2020) . The children have all settled in fantastically and have enjoyed seeing all  of their friends after such a long time . 

We are incredibly proud of how amazing Year 3 have adapted to the new routines in school. They are washing their hands regularly, using their own resources and understand the importance of 'catch it, bin it , kill it'.

Our theme is Meet the Flintstones ( The Stone Age ) .


Watch this Space for learning updates. Looking forward to a great year with you all .

Mr Venencia and Miss Sheppard 

We listened to calming sounds and talked about how it made us feel .

Today in PHSE  we talked about taking pride in what we do , we discussed times we have felt proud and why it made us feel that way .

We then all wrote down on 'Gold Medals'times when we have felt proud .  The children came up with lots of different ways they have felt proud . 

we listened to calming sounds from the Amazon Rain Forrest  and talked about how it made us feel .

Today Year 3 carried out a scientific investigation to see if people with longer legs jumped further than people with shorter legs. They lined up from tallest to shortest . They then all had  a turn to turn to jump and we measured to see how far each child jumped . 

Our results found some children with shorter legs jumped further .

Today Year 3 enjoyed using the laptops and Ipads to research different types of UK settlements . They used Google as their  main search engine.