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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three

Welcome back to Hawthorn Primary's Year Three class page. We look forward to inviting you all back into school. We hope you have all had a fantastic holiday and are well rested, ready for lots of new learning!


Keep an eye out on this page for information about our learning, educational visits and any upcoming events. Below are some important pieces of information for the upcoming school year.


We can't wait to have you back!


Miss Rowaiye, Miss James and Mrs Todd

Our Yearly Overview showcases the learning that will take place over the course of this year. If any parents have any ideas they would like to share that will enhance the learning taking place, we are always happy to take them on board!

Year Three arrived to school with a Stone Age shelter in the classroom, left behind by a mysterious creature called Ug. He had written a letter to the class and left behind some black paper underneath the desks for the children to create some stone age drawings. The children researched what they looked like before lying underneath the tables to create their drawings.

Year Three have been using their art skills to display what they know about Stone Age houses in History. During the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic ages, the Stone Age people built their houses using stone, wood and animal skins. They used what they could find to tie these things together to form the structure of the house and the house had a hole for the Stone Age people to enter and exit. They often built fires to keep themselves warm, to cook their food and keep predators away. Can you spot any of these things in their structures?

This week we have been learning about limericks. Limerick poems have 5 lines and on lines 1,2 and 5 contain a specific amount of syllables. We have been learning about what syllables are by watching some go noodle videos and using instruments to tap out the syllables in our names.


Still image for this video

We celebrated World Food Day by tasting fruits from all over the world. We played hangman to identify what some of the fruits were called and we described them with our friends using our sense. Lots of us loved the mango and pineapple, but we weren't too keen on the grapefruit because it was a little sour!

We have been taking part in some gymnastics in our PE lessons. Come and look at all the different shapes we have made with our bodies. We have practised 5 different positions in PE and used them to work in groups to create a sequence!

We have been learning lots about the Stone Age! We know that the Stone Age people couldn't pop to Aldi to get their food and so they were hunter gatherers. Hunter gatherers means that the Stone Age people had to hunt and forage for their food. We worked in our brand new kitchen to make a Mesolithic stew which may have been similar to something the Stone Age people would have eaten all those years ago. Can you guess how they would have cooked their food? It won't have been on fancy hobs like us!



Our P.E days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure that children come into school wearing the correct school P.E uniform.

Our Class Charter

We had a very own market today on the Hawthorn playground . The children spent most of the day preparing for it . First the children made posters to advertise the market . Then after playtime we made our very own fruit on sticks, popcorn surprise ,butterfly  surprise and a smoothie . 

After lunch time , we made bunting for our stalls .  We all had a chance to be a seller and a buyer and all had 50p to spend .

We set up our stalls in the playground and was able to purchased  something from another stall or from our own .  

Year 3 , really enjoyed the whole day and had lots of fun . 

Take a look at our photos . 

Gill from The Country Trust visited the children today to show them what a weed was and how to weed. The children worked hard to weed around the vegetables they had planted. There was lots of excitement as the children could begin to see some of the vegetables , including the tips of radishes, emerging from the soil. After that, the children learnt about the different types of soil and used a flow chart to identify the type of soil that was on the school grounds and some of the ones Gill had brought in with her. The children were successful at doing so and even presented their ideas to the class. 

Just after playtime, the children were involved in identifying the types of things that could be added to compost, using their ideas around natural and man-made materials to help them with their answers. Gill told us that it wasn't a good idea to add cooked food to compost as that could cause pests! The children ended their visit with Gill with a quick anagram game that tested their knowledge of fruits, vegetables and mini-beasts that can be found in the garden. It got very competitive!

On Friday Bailey our Rights Respecting Bear took his place and watched Year 3 in their PE lesson .

We did an experiment in Science . We had a discussion about if we put a flower in water along with some food colouring what would happen .The children had lots of different predictions , the flower might die, it would turn yellow and it would stay alive and grow . Take a look at our pictures . Can you see which predictions were correct ?

Year Three discussed the spelling rules for adverbs ending with the -ly suffix. They were given a list of -ly adverbs and had to find the matching spelling rules for each of the words .

Lovely Henna / Mendhi Patterns on some of our children's hands

Year 3 had an amazing day celebrating Eid .

Today our Country Trust session was to make our own Couscous Salad . The children was shown safe ways of using a knife to cut their ingredients  for their salad using the bridge and claw with their hands. 

The whole class really enjoyed themselves and think a lot of them were looking forward to trying their salad when they get home . Also the children got to show off their cleaning skills by washing up and and wiping the tables clean . Gill also gave the children some hummus to try with carrot sticks  ( which were cut up by the children )  

Year 3 have been taking part in an experiment .

We planted seeds . We placed 1 in a dark environment , 1 we put fertilizer in with the seeds and 1 we didn't give it any water . 

We will upload the results in the next few days.

What do you think will happen to them ?

Our results after a week . The one set of seeds carried the soil to the top . Do you know why ? Also can you see how the seeds which have had no light are so long . The children think this is because they were trying to find light and had stretched .

In literacy this week we have been identifying the Subject and Verbs in sentences. The children were shocked to be able to write on the tables with their white board pens . We cleaned it straight off after taking the pictures .

Today we had our 2nd sessions will Gill from Country Trust . The children help to made scare crow to keep the birds away from our crops. We also place grapefruit juice in into plastic tubs and placed them into the dirt , this is to stop the slugs from eating our crops .

Welcome back year 3 . We had a fun afternoon in BSL . The children learn't the signs for confused,angry and surprised . The children have to use facial expressions along with the sign .

Happy Easter 

Hope you all have a lovely break and have lots of fun .

Miss Rowaiye and Miss Sheppard are looking forward

to seeing you all after the Easter break .

The children all had a chance to have a fun time on the bouncy castle and also search round forrest school for mini eggs . They all had lots of fun .Thanks to Mrs Zentani and Mrs Broadfield

Year 3 Country Trust 

Today we got our planter beds ready .

In groups we planted potatoes, garlic, onions, peas, and board beans .

We also made pots and planted tomato seeds . 

When we went back to class we all smelts fresh herbs in pots . 

Take a look at our photos . 


Our signs this week are Hello / Goodbye and Thank you . Also getting used to signing our own names .

The children made Easter baskets today and completed some Easter activity sheets .

Today in our SPAG lesson we were understanding co-ordinating conjunctions .

In Geography today we Identified different bodies of water.

Year 3 enjoying their PE lesson . Learning to catch effectively using the correct position . Making sure they are using eye coordination .

The children look really happy making Mother's Day cards. Happy Mother's Day

Firstly we would like to say a big WELL DONE to all of Years 3 for all their amazing work over the past 9 weeks. Also the parents for supporting them everyday with their work . You have all been amazing !

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March and I am sure you are all looking forward to seeing your friends again.

Please Remember to wear your PE kits to school on Wednesdays and Fridays .

See you all Monday morning at 8.45am . smiley

February 2021 -Hello Year 3 . Hope you all had a lovely break . 

Just to let you all know our live lesson will be everyday Mon-Fri at  1.45pm . All the staff in Year 3 will be looking forward to seeing you all each day for busy home learning .  There will also be new learning uploaded each day for you all on BGFL65  and you all had lots of practice at this :) .   If you would like to send photos in of your home learning here is the email

Keep safe and hope to see you all soon .

Mr Venencia    Miss Sheppard    Miss James 

Year 3 home Spring term photos smiley

Arron was really inspired by our topic of bees , so he decided to make his very own BEE CAFE . This is amazing Arron .

The children have been using a potatoes to create their favourite character from a book they enjoy reading .

Some of the children choose to put a story inside a jar .

The children have been thinking about their top 5 favourite books.

This afternoon, Years 3 and 4 listened to a classical piece of music called The Firebird by Stravinsky. They then created a piece of artwork based on the music they had heard.

Hamza planted some cress seeds in cotton wool and has been checking everyday to see how much they have grown.