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Year 2

What Was It Like For Scott of the Antarctic?


In recent weeks, Year 2 Children have been working through a Theme with an important question: "Where In The World Is Ice?"

On Wednesday, 25th February, the intrepid explorers from Year 2 went out into our playground to search out penguins in the first place before then venturing into the school's Conservation Area. Here, they hastily took shelter for a short while from the blizzards and bitter cold of the Antarctic Wastelands. Luckily, they had the right clothing with them to help insulate them from the - 40 degrees temperatures!


Here are some photos of the children, gearing up in some REALLY warm, insulated clothing in preparation for facing the freezing, biting chill.

At HPCA Base Camp, the Year 2 explorers huddled into specially pegged out Antarctic (+50d) tents and waited until the storm was over...

Bhangra Dancing In Year 2!

As part of the P.E./Dance Curriculum, the pupils in Year 2 have been taking part in Bhangra dancing. The children have found out a little about the origins of Bhangra, developed moves in groups/twos, listened to and watched samples of Bhangra.

In the last 2 sessions, they have worked hard on a routine and on Tuesday 10th February, performed the whole dance as a class to delighted staff members.

Mr Mullany and Mr Brindley took part and have still not recovered!

Well done Year 2 for your great efforts with this!


Here are a few pictures. Keep a look out on the Year 2 blog for posts about the Bhangra experience.

If You Go Down In The Woods Today...


When most children and Staff had gone home on Tuesday 22nd, to have their tea, a hot soothing drink, carry out their Home Learning or mark books and watch TV, a class of intrepid adventurers made a short journey...down into the woods...

WHY go into the woods when it was becoming dark?...

What were our brave Y2 looking for?...Listening for?...

Please ask them...Wait a little longer and you will find out more.

For now, take a look at some pictures!


Welcome to the Year 2 Page


This is a page to keep a close eye on!... News of all that is happening for the pupils and staff that have anything at all to do with Year 2.

Mrs Talliss, who has worked so very very hard in Year 2 last term (and for a good many years before at Hawthorn Primary), has moved to another school. We will all miss her (parents, children and staff). However, we wish her all the best in her new job and hope that she will keep in touch with Hawthorn.

She knows that the very special pupils in Year 2 will do themselves, their families and staff very proud as the year goes on in all the goals that they try to achieve.

 Mrs Toseland has taken over as Class Teacher in Year 2. She is excited (and a little bit nervous!) to be joining the Hawthorn Family . We hope that she will enjoy every day at Hawthorn, just like Mrs Talliss always did.


It's a new year and on Wednesday, 7th January, some very cold, strange and mystifying events took place in Year 2.


Read on to find out more...!