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Year 1

Year One were so excited when the Fire Brigade came to Hawthorn Primary School! We told the firefighters about our Great Fire of London history theme and they told us all about how they fight fires now and how things have changed since the past! Watch out for more exciting photographs of our super history lesson in Year One!

Year One were very proud when our school achieved the Gold Award for Rights Respecting. We celebrated with a Gold Party throughout school.

Year One love reading in our classroom but sometimes we like to share a story in the library in a small group too!

Year One enjoyed another fun SPaG session. We love playing common exception word bingo!

Year One love being SPaG Detectives in our SPaG sessions. During the past few weeks we have been thinking about nouns. We decided to go on a hunt to find some. Can you name them?

Good to be me

Our Autumn song 'Good to be'.

We hope this video helps you learn the words and sign for our special assembly. Enjoy!

Year One celebrated 'Hello Yellow Day' by writing a class acrostic poem aswell as individual ones! We also took part in a cosmic yoga session to support our well-being and thoroughly enjoyed making funny headbands and spectacles to wear in our 'Hello Yellow Photo Booth' . What a lovely day!

Year One celebrated World Food Day by baking our own bread for our Pudding Lane Bakery. It tasted delicious!

Year One love reading! Every day we share two stories and vote for our favourite. Today we had to choose between Ruby's Worry and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Which book would you choose?

We opened our own Pudding Lane Bakery as our 'Stunning Start' to our history theme this term. Did you guess that we are learning about the Great Fire of London?

During our Jigsaw Jack (PSHE) lesssons we share a 'calm time' and think of our 'special place' eg the garden or the beach! We have also been thinking about how we should treat each other. We made our own class rules linked to our Rights Respecting Learning Charter and our Jigsaw Charter. Jigsaw Jack was very proud of us!

At the beginning of this term we found lots of ways to sort objects into different groups. We really challenged ourselves! Can you see how we have grouped them?

Year One have been talking about the seasons and changes we noticed in the weather during our earlier geography lessons. We made our own weather checklists!

                                                      Welcome to Year One


The teaching team in Year One are really happy to welcome the children and parents back to school. We hope you are all ready for a really exciting year in Year One. We will be keeping safe by understanding and continuing to follow our class rules and procedures during these still slightly different times. 


Please see our yearly knowledge overview attached to find out some of the wonderful things we will be exploring and learning about.  This year our PE lessons will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays. Just like last year, children are expected to come in to school wearing their PE kit on PE days please. 


In our early Science lessons we will be discussing the season of Autumn and will be taking part in learning walks around school to collect natural objects and to discuss seasonal changes.It would be fabulous if this could be mirrored on the journey to and from school to support children's learning.  


In English lessons we will be thinking about labels and captions by labelling not only our own body parts but those of monsters!  Whilst in Maths this half term we will begin by  sorting objects into groups. Again, any home learning linked to this would be really helpful. They may sort the washing by making piles of different items eg. jumpers, socks, etc or sort by colour or size. This will really encourage them to develop their mathematical thinking. Our role-play area has already been turned into a bakery to link in with our history lessons based on the Great Fire of London. How exciting!


This term we are also really happy to welcome a student teacher Miss Grigg to the Year One team. 


Please come and speak to a member of staff if you have any questions or concerns and don't forget to check this page to see photographs of the children's learning experiences. We hope you will able to see how much they enjoy their days at school. 


We look forward to getting to know you all, 

Miss Phillips, Mrs Barrow and Miss Grigg

We have been solving reasoning questions to show how we share equally. Some children drew pictures and others used bowls and counters to help them find the answers. Well done children.

We started to listen to the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk during our live lesson this morning. We saw Jack daydreaming about the most delicious foods he would love to eat. However, the food in his cupboard were either moldy or rotten and far from his pleasant thoughts. Children were asked to draw and describe pieces of food that they could either be placed on Jack's disgusting shelves or in his pleasant daydream.

We have been thinking about what questions we would like ask Goldilocks or the Three Bears. What would you like to know about these characters? Great questions year 1!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Erin


Once upon a time there was a girl called Goldilocks, she saw a cottage, three bears lived in it. A little bear, big bear,and, medium bear. Goldilocks went in the Cottage, inside there was three bowls, a big bowl, a medium bowl and a small bowl. she ate the litle bowl it was good. After that, she wanted to sit down. There was a big chair medium chair and a little chair. She sat in the big chair it was too hard, then she sat in the medium chair it was too soft. She sat in the little chair it was just right but she broke it. After, she was tired she went upstairs to take a nap. She saw three beds, a big bed a medium bed and a little bed. She lau in the big bed but it was too hard. She lay in the medium bed but it was too soft so she lay in the little bed and it was just right.


Then, the three little bears came back. ”who has been eating my porridge?" said daddy bear.

”Someones been eating my porridge!" said mommy bear. ”Who has been eating my porridge? and it is all gone!" said baby bear.

”who has been sitting in my chair?" said daddy bear. ”Who has been sitting in my chair?" said mommy. ”Who has been sitting in my chair? And it is broken!" said baby bear.


Then they went upstairs, "Who has been sleeping in my bed?" said daddy bear. “Who has been sleeping in my bed?" said mommy bear. ”Who has been sleeping in my bed? And they are still there!" said baby bear.


Then Goldilox ran out of the house and never went back.


The end.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Amira

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Azaan

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Idman


Once a upon time there was a little girl called Goldilocks. She lived with her mother. One day she went in the woods to pick up some flowers while she was skipping she saw a beautiful cottage. She knocked on the door and there was no answer so she let herself in.

She saw three bowls of porridge small bowl, medium bowl and large. She tried the big bowl it was too hot, she tried the medium bowl it was cold and lastly she tried the small bowl and it was just right. She saw three chairs she tried first chair was too high, second chair was too low and the last chair it was just right with a creek and crack the chair brook. Then she went up stairs and saw three beds so she tried the first bed it was too hard so she tried the second bed was too soft and finally she tried the last bed and was just right so she fell sleep. A few minutes later the bears came back and the daddy bear said who is been eating my porridge said daddy bear. Who is been eating my porridge said mummy bear. Who is been eating my porridge and they ate all up said baby bear. Then they went to the chairs. Who is been sitting my chair said daddy bear, mummy bear said who is been sitting my chair and baby bear said who is been sitting my chair and they broken it and they went up stairs. Daddy bear said who is been sleeping in my bed, mummy bear said who is been sleeping in my bed and baby bear said who is been sleeping in my bed and they still there. Goldilocks wake up and saw the bears so she run down the stairs out the door and never came back again.

We have been practising reading and spelling our common exception words. Children were given a challenge to see if they could use these words in a sentence. I think you will agree these are fantastic!

Year 1 have been listening to Miss Phillips read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have produced some fantastic text maps which are going to help them to write the story.

The Year One team would like to thank our children and parents for their support during this coming week, as we prepare to isolate. Please look on our Bgfl page and go into our Year One folder to find this week's online learning. Homework can also be found in our 'j2 homework folder' on the Bgfl page (as it was during Lockdown). Please continue to upload your child's homework as you did before, during this short time. We have also added folders to support phonics skills (including the pronunciation of phonemes/letter sounds) and phonic games/Fred Talk activities (to encourage sounding out of words) in the Y1 Learning folder and on this website. There are also common exception word activities in our Y1 folder (June/July activities) to help children to progress further as they move on to year two. Please keep using these activities, including our PSHE/mental health activities. We hope they can help to keep your child happy, calm and focused. 


Again, we apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued support in maintaining your child's learning and development. Please call or e-mail school if you have any queries. 


We look forward to seeing you all soon, 

Miss Phillips, Mrs Barrow and Miss Leddy

Year One are really enjoying this half term's theme based on the Euros 2021. We have been learning about the countries in Group D: England, Scotland,Croatia and the Czech Republic. We have already made some tasty sandwiches in one of our D and T lessons so we could share them during our 'English Afternoon Tea'. Grace even dressed up as Queen Elizabeth and we had a special visit from our very own morris dancer, Mrs Leddy. We really enjoyed learning all about this special type of dancing and Mrs Leddy taught us to morris dance too!

Maths is fun! Year One made our own arrays. We made multiples of 5 by using our balloons !

Year One love our SPaG lessons on Wednesdays ! We play common exception word bingo and we are all getting really good at recognising new words each week!

What an exciting opening to our Dinosaur topic this term! Year One made an amazing discovery in our Forest School area. They found some large footprints and decided they belonged to a dinosaur! The children also found a fossil. We went back into our classroom and looked through our dinosaur books to check if the footprints matched with any of them. Year One decided they belonged to a Tyrannosaurus Rex…

Year One have decided to write our own instructions to 'catch a dinosaur'. We have been thinking about what we will need to use to capture one...

We have made the most of the sun and decided to have our SPAG lesson outside. Who can find a Common Noun on the ground?

We designed and created our own boats using different junk modelling materials from home.

A fun filled SPaG lesson playing Common Exception Word Bingo!

Have you heard about the Noun Detectives in our school? Well, well, well what do we have here? They are on the look out to identify nouns and have created their own hats to wear when they are on patrol.

In Geography we have been learning about the natural features found in the United Kingdom. Children have drawn some wonderful pictures...

The Year One Team would like to thank parents and children for your continued support in these uncertain times and hope to be back in class with you all very soon. In the meantime, please continue to join me (Miss Phillips) in our live lessons at 10:00am and 2:00pm every week day from Wednesday January 6th. Please look on the Home page of this website to explore how to access our home learning and live online lessons using our bgfl page. The children all received their login details before half term and began to use the site in class to support them in the event of the current situation arising again. It has been lovely to see some super work in the children's online files relating to our previous theme about 'Space' and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to do this. I am also aware of how creative our children and their families are, the Year One staff are really disappointed as we have not been able to celebrate the Home Learning that we know would have taken place over Christmas. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to ask parents to take photographs of their children's models/creations linked to our 'Fire!Fire!' theme and to either send them to us via our school e-mail: or if you feel able please upload them to our home learning account. I would also really appreciate it if you would take photographs of your child's work/efforts as they complete our online learning activities and send them to us too. I would love to display them all on the website and show our appreciation of the hard work taking place at home! I am currently attempting to telephone you all to ensure you are aware of how to access online/collect home learning packs available and to keep in touch with our lovely class!

Thank you again and please don't hesitate to call if you need to ask anything at all. The well-being of the parents in our class is equally as important to us as our children's. 

Keep safe, 

Miss Phillips

Year 1 have really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day.

Miss Phillips and Mrs Barrow read fantastic illustrated stories and a dinosaur even turned up during our live lesson!

We also listened to a World Book Day song by MC Grammar. Please feel free to listen! 

How many story titles can you spot in the video and how many of them have you read?


We have also been creative! We designed our own book covers, drawing pictures of who we most like sharing our books with and writing book reviews of our favourite books. 

The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar

In our live lesson this week have been talking about obstacles and difficulties that we have come up against. Some children shared their thoughts; learning to ride a bike, learning to swim or beginning to Fred talk our words to help us to read.We discussed how we can help each other to overcome these challenges.

In Maths this week children have been learning and practising the 2 times table.

In our Geography lesson this week we have been learning about the four countries in the United Kingdom. Children were also given a challenge to find out the capital city of each country.

Year 1 have had a fun filled day learning about how we can stay safe online. We have talked about how information we find on line may be fact or fiction, who we would should talk to if we feel worried or scared and also what personal information we shouldn't share with anyone online.


This morning, during our live lesson we watched a story about a character called Detective Duck. He believed all the information found on the internet for his project was true. However, Mrs Goose (his teacher) returned his work and asked him to have another look at the information he used. Luckily he had some wise friends, who explained that not all of the information found on the internet is true. Detective Duck learnt that he always needed to check if something was a fact or not, by checking other websites and asking grown ups.


During our live lesson this afternoon we read another story about a dog called Buddy. He was very clever and helped his owner Ben with making big decisions when using the internet. We also learnt a new song which included the lyrics; 'Ask your grown ups, ask for help' and 'Use your tablet safely'.

Children were asked for their opinions for each scenario. We were very impressed with their responses. Year 1 you really know how to keep safe online!

Do you know how to keep safe online? If not, the children in year one will help you. We have received some fantastic posters telling us how to keep safe. Well done!

We have been learning about instructions this week; how to follow them and how to list them. Well done children; you followed your own instructions to bake your own bread rolls, they look so yummy!

Wow, we have seen some fantastic writing in English this week. Children were given the task of re-telling the story Monkeys and Hats. Then, they were asked to change the character and the object those cheeky monkeys stole.

During our 'Dreams and Goals' Jigsaw Jack lesson we asked year 1 to design their own treasure chest for the treasure they will be collecting. We asked the children to add a paper coin every time they achieved or felt proud of something.

In Year 1 we started the week off by counting in tens to 50 using a ten frame. Then by the end of the week we applied our knowledge into counting tens and ones to find a 2 digit number. Super learning year 1!

Year 1 have been very busy this week getting involved in a variety of activities, to show our awareness of Children's Mental Health Week. At the beginning of the week we drew our own worry monster and wrote down all our worries. We shared our thoughts during our live lesson and learnt strategies that could help us. Next, we designed a poster sharing our ideas on how we can keep a positive healthy mind. We have also been enjoying our daily story, The Worries!

London's Burning Performance Track

We are learning the 'London's Burning' song this week. Today we practised during our live lesson and to make it more lively the children used their fantastic homemade instruments. It was very entertaining!

Great Fire of London in a Jar - Year 1 have been so creative and have been following instructions really well. Fantastic work!

A big well done to our Y1 bubble for all of your hard work in school - Addition, Subtraction and story maps for our Monkeys and Hats story. Also a big thank you to Miss Leddy for supporting the children.

Hussam and Mannar, I'm glad you both enjoyed helping Miss Phillips making a jam sandwich in our live lesson. Didn't she do an amazing job? Can you now help a family member make something? We can't wait to hear all about it.

You really have been learning new skills with your Mummy showing you how to be safe. They look so yummy!

You have been very busy using different tools with Daddy Reiss.You are so helpful and I know you are going to be really good at looking after your chickens.

You worked really well as a team. I bet your cookies tasted so delicious!

Azaan your pizza baguettes look so yummy! I know both Jigsaw Jack and your mummy will be very proud of your listening skills, especially when using a hot oven.

Year 1 have been having fun in the snow! Wow! You have created some incredible snow sculptures.

Zynah you have created a wonderful picture showing the different seasons!

Amira I love how how your tree changes throughout the four different seasons.

Well done Azaan, you have named the seasons of Winter and Spring. You also described what you would see. We can't wait to see the other two seasons ... can you remember what they are called?

Mia, we have been talking about these seasons in our live lessons. What amazing pictures ! You have used the 'Paint' tool so well!

Khadeera has been fascinated about the Great Fire of London. She has created this display of some famous buildings currently standing in London. How many can you name?

We have some talented artists in year 1 .They have created their own pictures of the Great Fire of London.

Amira if you keep up your hard work you will definitely become a doctor, Super learner!

Taha you're making us so proud by practising your letter formation at home.

Erin you would make a fantastic teacher. You work so hard and have a caring heart!

Azaan we are so proud of your handwriting, you have definitely been practising. What a great goal. We think you would make a fantastic policeman!

Mia, I know your family are proud of the beautiful picture you have drawn of them.A J2Star is coming your way. Are you still thinking of a goal to set for yourself? We can't wait to find out.

Zynah, your sister is so lucky to have a sister like you. You have such a kind heart ! You have definitely achieved your goal today by submitting your first piece of homework. A J2Star is coming your way!

Year One have been thinking about World Religion Day, which will be celebrated on January 17th, during our Live lessons. Please look on our 'Rights Respecting' class tile on the Hawthorn Y1 bgfl page to find out about activities to take part in to support UNICEF and also how to obtain the Red Cross First Aid Award ( for children aged from 5 - 18 years). This is the perfect time to take part in such a worthwhile cause.

Reiss, you have created a fantastic symbol for World Religion Day. You have added excellent words that we should all follow.

A super picture to celebrate World Religion Day.

Zynah what a fantastic symbol design for World Religion Day!

This is beautiful Amira! You are so right, it is important to respect one another no matter what what religion we believe in. Fantastic artwork!

Riley what an improvement in your handwriting since last term. Well done! We are so proud of you for practising.

Idman well done for completing all of your home learning! Fantastic sentences and look at your part whole model. This shows you have great listening skills in our live lessons.