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Inspire, Challenge, Achieve

Year 1

Welcome Back

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Come and see how the school has changed since you were last here.
Mrs Abraham would like to show you how the school has changed.

Count on me

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Hello Children

Please learn to sing and sign this song. When you have learnt it please send your teacher a video of you singing and signing.

Mrs Secrett

Look at these book suggestions and then try out some of these activities

Story Time

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Story Time

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My Dog Ate My Homework

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Story Time

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow Take 2 for our NHS Heroes

Here are the Music Service teachers playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow! I hope you enjoy listening to all of the different instruments as they play together.

A message from Fred

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Today's Home Learning:



 To solve problems using doubling and halving.


Number bonds:

5 +   ----    = 9

 ----- + 2 = 7

10 =  -----   + 6

12 = 7 + ----


learn to write a set of instructions with Oak Academy

Spelling high frequency words:


said    of       was      they



You Tube-Read, Write, Inc daily lesson

Read free ebook


Whole school project- check “latest news” on school website.

Write a letter to Captain Tom thanking him for his efforts and explaining why his contribution is important. What could be done with the money raised?

Encourage your child to learn the rhyme ‘A Sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea’. Can your child perform this rhyme by heart? Learn the tune and the lyrics from

P. E.

P.E. with Joe Wicks at 9 am

Mighty Monday- body blast with imoves


Story time - "Charlie and the Cheese Monster"

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Examples of Home Learning


Someone has been busy drawing at home!


The Great Fire of London

Thank you Captain Tom!

Another fabulous Easter hat!

Hawthorn loves to sing

Captain Thomas Moore, known as Captain Tom... An Inspiration to us all! Please see ‘Latest News’ for our whole school Home Learning Project.

* Update 21.4.20.


More home learning activities;


Oak National Academy has been developed by a number of Multi-Academy Trusts and aims to provide at least 3 hours of learning a day. There are videos, teaching resources and quizzes. All the activities have been developed by qualified teachers across the U.K. The maths set for this week has already been delivered in lessons but you might want to do a couple of sessions as  revision. You don't need to sign up and the resources are free.


The website is:

Well being activity

Please download this well being activity and complete with your child. 

Our theme for the next half term


The Year One Team hope you all had a relaxing Easter break and you did not eat too much chocolate!


Our new theme is called "Fire! Fire!"


To introduce the theme we hope you were able to find out how half -timbered houses were made and managed to make a model. If you email photos of your models to school, we will put them on our class page.


This week we would like you to find out the causes of the fire and how it managed to spread so quickly. Watch: What was the Great Fire of London? at You can also read facts on Who was Thomas Farrynor? Write some questions you could ask him about the night the fire started. Write a list of bullet points to explain how the fire spread so fast.


Samuel Pepys and King Charles 2nd were very important people at the time of the fire. Next week we will find out why. This week we would like you to google them and look at paintings of them. Why do you think there are no photographs of them? Draw a picture of each of them looking carefully at their clothes. Colour them in. Are they dressed the same? How are they different? Why do you think this is?


Other Curriculum Areas


White Rose Maths has two weeks of activities prepared for this term and they will keep updating. If you look at Home Learning Year One you should be able to download them. There is a Friday Maths Challenge coming soon.


The Twinkl home learning hub has a complete daily schedule planned and is particularly useful for spelling and phonic activities. There is a link to a story book too. Please ensure you are reading every single day! There are also some interesting science videos.


The whole school uses the Jigsaw scheme of work to help the children develop good emotional well being and mental health. They have provided home learning links to support you. Please visit The children are familiar with the characters and the format of the lessons so they will enjoy the activities.



7 new YouTube Speed Sounds lessons every day on YouTube from Monday 20th April

From Monday 20th April, RWI are streaming 7 Speed Sounds lessons, including Word Time and Spelling, for children to watch at home every weekday on our YouTube channel.

Each lesson is ten to fifteen minutes long and available for 24 hours.


You child does not need to do all 7 lessons - just the group of sounds that they are working on. There is guidance on the website if you are unsure where to begin.

Set 1

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds 9.30 am (BST)
  • Set 1 Word Time 9.45 am
  • Set 1 Spelling 10.00 am
Set 2
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds and Word Time 10.00 am
  • Set 2 Spelling 10.15 am
Set 3
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds and Word Time 10.30 am
  • Set 3 Spelling 10.45 am

Once each complete set has been shown, we will replay one sound a day per set.

Click here for our YouTube Speed Sounds Lessons schedule

Monday 20th April


We have been teaching children essential skills such as: listening, team work & being creative as part of their learning and our link, Skills Builder, has now provided a home learning link so that you can continue with some of the activities at home. 


Select the skill that you'd like to practise and then select the step for the year group that your child is in - Year 1 children should access step 1.

Amazing Easter Hats- well done to these boys and their parents!

Hawthorn Toilet Roll Challenge!

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Parents may wish to access this link. Axel Scheffler, a famous storyteller, is offering a way to explain coronavirus to children.

Update 7.4.20.


Check out:


and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS for lots of fun Easter activities relating to Maths, English and other curriculum areas.

The Year One team send best wishes and hope you are keeping safe. After Easter we will begin a new theme called "Fire! Fire!" We will be learning about the causes and events of the Great Fire of London. We hope to see you soon.




                     smileyHappy Easter!smiley



Tips for Parents

*Update 26th March*

Free eBooks

Use the link below to access loads of free ebooks for you and your child to read together.

When you have selected a book you would like to read click on to the i (for information) and it will give you some details including a suitable age range.


Happy reading.

* Update 24th March 2020*


Planbee are offering lots of free resources and home learning activities to parents. Our science for this term based on animal groups can now be accessed. 


The link is:

Home Learning

Good morning. Here is some information to support learning at home. I hope you find it useful.



The school uses White Rose Maths to structure learning across the school. This can be accessed through Google. Find year one, spring term. We were working on the unit measuring weight and volume. We had not actually completed the work on volume, so you could pick this up as there are activities which it would be simple to resource at home.


Practise number bonds to 10 and 20, revise half of a quantity or shape, count forwards and backwards to 100, practise writing numbers and their number name. Revise the  names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Add and subtract one digit with 2 digit numbers. There are many resources on Twinkl which is free  is free at the moment on the parents hub. This does not just support maths, there are.loads of activities across the curriculum.


Oxford Education has free resources on "MyMaths". Log into "TT Rockstars" to practise times tables. The log in was provided in your home learning pack. You should also still have a log on for "Mathletics" to make maths fun playing games.


We have received some information from Ruth Miskin, the writer of our phonics scheme, on how you can access daily phonics lessons for your child.  This is taken from the email:


Daily virtual lessons for children

From Monday 23rd March we’re scheduling Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home.

We will release three short Speed Sound lessons with one of our trainers every day for the next two weeks. The films will only be available at the times below:

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am 
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am

Please note: the films are streamed live but will be available for 24 hrs afterwards.

We’re also releasing a film of a poem for Reception and Year 1 children to join in with at 2.00 pm every day. The poems will be available on YouTube to watch again and again. 

A great opportunity for children to learn these by heart!


Try to read with your child every day. You can read books of your own, unfortunately the library has had to close. There is free access to many e books books online at World Book Online. Membership is free. Remember to share books with your child as well as expecting them to read to you. Discuss the meanings of new words and collect them. How could you use it in a sentence? Encourage them to read something around the house that isn't a book. Create a comic strip of a favourite story. 


Oxford education are offering many free phonics resources for Read, Write, Inc as a learning at home pack. Phonics Play is also offering free resources. It is really important to support phonics in year one as this is a  skill that is the foundation of learning to read.


Twinkl has many handwriting activities to access correct letter formation which is very important in year one. Please try to encourage a comfortable pencil grip. When your child is writing, please be strict! All sentences should begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop. names of people and places should begin with a capital letter and the pronoun "I" should always be a capital letter. Some children tend to write capital letters in the middle of a sentence so be vigilant and nip this in the bud!


Suggestions for writing:

Write a report about your favourite animal. Draw it, label its features, describe its appearance, habitat, eating habits and how it has babies (lays eggs or grows inside its mother). What animal group does it belong to? Mammal, reptile, bird, fish or amphibian? 


Write a story you already know well. Write a story about a favourite character from a known story. Write about an adventure you had (real or imaginary) with a member of your family or a friend. Write a letter to your favourite character- this could be from a story or a T.V. programme. Ask your child to read back their sentences and check punctuation and any missing words or letters. 


Children are encouraged to use their phonic knowledge to spell words but are also expected to spell common high frequency words correctly. These are words it is not possible to break down phonetically. Twinkl has many resources for this. There is a word mat that could be printed out that your child could access if they are writing independently.




Seasonal change:

Look for signs of spring in the garden or out of the window ( am sorry, I know this is limited.) What spring flowers are growing? Can you see any buds or blossom? What is happening to the length of the days? What is the weather like? What sorts of clothes are we wearing now?


Animal groups:


We were about to start learning how to classify animals by their charcateristics as mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and mini beasts. (An insect has 3 parts to its body, two wings and six legs. A fly is an insect but a worm is not.) I was using the basic structure of lessons from PlanBee shere. I had only used the first lesson so please feel free to adapt the rest of them as you see fit. I am afraid the company will not allow me to copy the link here but you can buy the resource at 30% off at the moment. There are also many other resources to support the wider curriculum on PlanBee. You could also look at pictures online and classify animals e.g. What animal is this? which group does it belong to, how do you know?


Wider Curriculum


We were looking at the countries of the United Kingdom and locating them on a map. This term our focus is Northern Ireland. Look at famous landmarks, find out the name of the capital city.



We had just finished learning about the life of Christopher Columbus so you could revise this. next term we were going to study the causes and effects of the Greta Fire of London. You could introduce this by researching how half timbered houses were made and making a model of one.




The story of Easter and its significance to Christians. Easter traditions.




Look at different examples of seascapes. Paint your own seascape (or use whatever media is available to you). Take into account the effect weather has on the sea and how you could show this.




I am going to try to set up some links so you can access music lessons online. Watch this space!



What would be included in a healthy lunchbox? Draw and label a healthy sandwich, snack and drink. Try to prepare it (if you have the resources). Discuss the importance of clean hands and surfaces.









Although there are restrictions on going outside, please encourage you child to be physically active.

P.E. with Joe has a daily exercise video at 9 a.m. Devise a simple exercise routine together e.g. ten hops, ten jumps, balance on one leg for 5 seconds. The children are used to doing this in class.


Finally, I know how difficult this is, but please restrict the amount of access your child has to T.V. One hour a day is plenty. Try to keep to routine with bed times,meal times, lesson times and play times. It will help your child to adjust when we go back to school. I know learning at home is not like learning at school but I really appreciate your support teaching your child.


Explorers: Amazing Adventures at Sea


In English we have been reading another story by Simon Bartram called Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary.


In maths we have been comparing the value of different numbers and using mathematical symbols to write number sentences to show which are greater than or less than. 

Here we are at work...

World Book Day

We had a great day where we did lots of reading activities. We started the day by sharing stories with the children in the Year 5 class.

We then opened our box of new books and had a look at all of our new titles. We were really excited and enjoyed choosing one to read.
At the end of the day our parents came in to share stories with us.

Explorers: Amazing Adventures in Space

When Year One returned to school after Christmas they discovered that their classroom had been transformed into space.

In English we have been reading a story about Bob and his very important job. 

We have used story maps and signs to help us to learn the story. 


In maths we have been learning our number bonds to 20 and carrying out addition within 20.



In science we are learning about different materials. We have looked at different materials and named them.

Votes for Schools

Year 1 have been discussing the question:

The class vote ended with 15 in favour of becoming vegetarian and 12 not.


During story time we have been reading a story about Albert and Arthur. They are inventors who have a race to make a rocket and travel to the moon. We had a look at one of their designs and used it to help us think creatively about our own spaceship designs.


We used Discovery Dog to help us to plan our science investigation.

One of the aliens has spilt his drink on the moon and Bob needs to clean it up. 

Which material will be the most absorbent?

  • Kitchen roll
  • newspaper
  • foil
  • cloth

We made a prediction and carried out an investigation to find out.

Making Spaceships

Year 1 were very excited as they invited their families in to school to help them to construct their spaceships. Parents and children worked together to follow the designs and choose the best 3D shapes to make their models. We had lots of fun and here are some photos of us all working together.

Proud Parents and Children

Here are photos of our completed creations. Look at all of the smiling faces.

Votes for Schools

We have been discussing:

Our final class vote showed that only 5 children were in favour of breaking the rules.


We have been learning how to use coding to move a sprite around the screen. 

Visit to the Think Tank

Year 1 visited the Think Tank in Birmingham. We had a fantastic day exploring the different galleries where we were able to make links with our science learning on materials.

However the highlight of the day was our visit to the Big Space Show where learned about the International Space Station. We also explored the best material to use for making a space suit, discovered what an astronauts sleeping bag is like and fired a rocket up in to the air. Look at the two photos below one has the rocket in and one doesn’t - can you spot the difference?


Bob has been getting wet on the way to the rocket launch pad so Y1 have been trying to help him choose a waterproof material for his new umbrella. The shop only had a choice of:

  • foil
  • newspaper
  • cling film
  • tissue


Y1 made a prediction and carried out an investigation to find out which were waterproof. Have a look at the photos of us at work.



We have now learned how to add two sprites and use coding blocks to make them move round the screen together. We also chose our own backgrounds too.


We have used the part - whole diagram to help us to learn about tens and ones. We looked at the number and then used base ten or numicon shapes to show the value.

Good Learners

We have been discussing what it means to be a good learner.  We worked in small groups to share our ideas.


This half term we have been learning about different styles of music. We have listened to Funk, Folk, Bhangra & Latin as part of this as well as finding the pulse in each piece. We have enjoyed making short class compositions and begun to play the glockenspiel following the notes given to us. 





Year One would like to introduce you to their Jigsaw friend Jack!  He helps us during our PSHE lessons.  We follow the Jigsaw scheme and over the Autumn term we have been looking at two main themes; 'Being Me in My World' and 'Celebrating Difference'.  We do our Jigsaw PSHE work on Wednesdays so please ask us about our learning!  This week our focus was on what we could do about bullying. We talked about speaking to adults who can help us and about being kind to other people.

Drop everything and read!

Yesterday we heard the bell in the corridor ring, which meant we could 'drop everything and read'!  We enjoyed getting out some of our favourite books and having a quiet read.  The teachers also loved having time to read their own books!

Self Portraits by Y1

Year One invited their Parents and Grandparents into school to share their own school experiences from the past. We spoke about the similarities and differences in our schooling from past to present. Some Grandparents shared their experiences of the cane. Our Year One children were very relieved that this is something of the past. 

Creating family trees with our parents

Forest School


Year One have not let the weather get to them. They have been enjoying Forest School with Mrs Haines. Take a look at some of our pictures. 

Visit to Spode China Hall


In preparation for our upcoming art work, Year 1 visited Spode China Hall and World of Wedgwood to see pottery and sculptures made using clay.  At Spode we explored the different textures of the clay and made our own towers using techniques we had seen in the exhibition.  We really enjoyed making hand prints with the wet clay painted onto our hands!  At World of Wedgwood we learnt about Josiah Wedgwood who founded the Wedgwood company and looked at his some of his famous pottery.  

Year One Visit Birmingham Zoological Gardens

As part of our Science learning journey, we are learning about the different characteristics of animals and comparing their physical features, what they eat and what kind of habitat they live in. Next we will be learning what animal groups they belong to and sorting animals according to their characteristics. Year One behaved impeccably and knew they should be quiet and calm around wild animals.

Welcome to Year One


We are looking forward to an exciting and busy year. Our teacher is Mrs Kerr and our teaching assistant is Miss Boulton. We will also be working with Mrs Brennan, Mrs Todd and Miss Jenkins from our Resource Base Team. We are looking forward to building a working partnership between parents, carers, staff and pupils in order for the children to reach their full potential as they travel on their learning journey.


We are building upon the super foundations laid in Reception last year and we aim to create life-long learners. We  believe that children need to become independent in order to achieve this, so we would be grateful if you could support school by ensuring the children are prepared for home learning and are able to find their own clothes and P.E. kits because they are named. Encourage your child to say goodbye to you and come into school promptly as learning takes place the moment they enter the classroom.


There will be a heavy emphasis on the teaching of phonics in preparation for the children to take the National Phonics Check in June. Please support your child by returning all phonics home learning promptly and encourage them to practise their phonic skills when reading to you.


We also wish to promote a love o reading as a keen reader will make good progress! Please share a book with your child on a daily basis for five to ten minutes and visit the library. It would be useful to look for books linked to themes and to begin reading signs and notices in the environment.


P.E. days are Thursday and Friday. Please label all kit and clothing with your child's name. Remove rings and cover ear rings with tape or remove them altogether on P.E. days to avoid injury.  You may wish to include a pair of jogging bottoms as well as shorts, t -shirt and pumps for colder days.


Staff in Year One are always willing to talk to parents and carers about any concerns or queries. We might have to ask you to make an appointment at busy times but we will try to see you as soon as possible. After school please wait until we have seen children off the premises so we know they are safe. 


Please check out our photographs and videos on this page to find out what we have been doing.


Thank you for your support.