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Year 1

Explorers: Amazing Adventures in Space

When Year One returned to school after Christmas they discovered that their classroom had been transformed into space.

In English we have been reading a story about Bob and his very important job. 

Picture 1
We have used story maps and signs to help us to learn the story. 
Picture 1
Picture 2


In maths we have been learning our number bonds to 20 and carrying out addition within 20.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


In science we are learning about different materials. We have looked at different materials and named them.


During story time we have been reading a story about Albert and Arthur. They are inventors who have a race to make a rocket and travel to the moon. We had a look at one of their designs and used it to help us think of our own spaceship designs.

Picture 1



Year One would like to introduce you to their Jigsaw friend Jack!  He helps us during our PSHE lessons.  We follow the Jigsaw scheme and over the Autumn term we have been looking at two main themes; 'Being Me in My World' and 'Celebrating Difference'.  We do our Jigsaw PSHE work on Wednesdays so please ask us about our learning!  This week our focus was on what we could do about bullying. We talked about speaking to adults who can help us and about being kind to other people.

Picture 1 Jigsaw Jack

Drop everything and read!

Yesterday we heard the bell in the corridor ring, which meant we could 'drop everything and read'!  We enjoyed getting out some of our favourite books and having a quiet read.  The teachers also loved having time to read their own books!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Self Portraits by Y1

Self Portraits by Y1 1
Self Portraits by Y1 2
Self Portraits by Y1 3
Self Portraits by Y1 4
Year One invited their Parents and Grandparents into school to share their own school experiences from the past. We spoke about the similarities and differences in our schooling from past to present. Some Grandparents shared their experiences of the cane. Our Year One children were very relieved that this is something of the past. 

Creating family trees with our parents

Creating family trees with our parents 1
Creating family trees with our parents 2
Creating family trees with our parents 3
Creating family trees with our parents 4
Creating family trees with our parents 5
Creating family trees with our parents 6
Creating family trees with our parents 7
Creating family trees with our parents 8
Creating family trees with our parents 9
Creating family trees with our parents 10
Creating family trees with our parents 11
Creating family trees with our parents 12
Creating family trees with our parents 13

Forest School


Year One have not let the weather get to them. They have been enjoying Forest School with Mrs Haines. Take a look at some of our pictures. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

Visit to Spode China Hall


In preparation for our upcoming art work, Year 1 visited Spode China Hall and World of Wedgwood to see pottery and sculptures made using clay.  At Spode we explored the different textures of the clay and made our own towers using techniques we had seen in the exhibition.  We really enjoyed making hand prints with the wet clay painted onto our hands!  At World of Wedgwood we learnt about Josiah Wedgwood who founded the Wedgwood company and looked at his some of his famous pottery.  

Picture 1 Pottery at the exhibition.
Picture 2 Chairs made with clay!
Picture 3 Sculptures at the exhibition.
Picture 4 Intricate clay work.
Picture 5
Picture 6 Painted finish.
Picture 7 Exploring different clay textures.
Picture 8 Listening to the clay as we broke it.
Picture 9 Group work to build towers with clay.
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 Look at our creation!
Picture 13 Exploring wet clay and making hand prints!
Picture 14 Arriving at World of Wedgwood.
Picture 15 Beautifully designed traditional Wedgwood pottery.
Picture 16 Learning about Josiah Wedgwood and his family.
Picture 17 An old fire engine that was used in the factory.

Year One Visit Birmingham Zoological Gardens

As part of our Science learning journey, we are learning about the different characteristics of animals and comparing their physical features, what they eat and what kind of habitat they live in. Next we will be learning what animal groups they belong to and sorting animals according to their characteristics. Year One behaved impeccably and knew they should be quiet and calm around wild animals.

Picture 1 A Saki Monkey
Picture 2 A Red Panda
Picture 3 Meeting the Kune Pigs
Picture 4 A Shy Lynx
Picture 5 Another Tiny Monkey
Picture 6 Finding A Worm!
Picture 7 A Boa
Picture 8 Fun in the Playground!

Welcome to Year One


We are looking forward to an exciting and busy year. Our teacher is Mrs Kerr and our teaching assistant is Miss Boulton. We will also be working with Mrs Brennan, Mrs Todd and Miss Jenkins from our Resource Base Team. We are looking forward to building a working partnership between parents, carers, staff and pupils in order for the children to reach their full potential as they travel on their learning journey.


We are building upon the super foundations laid in Reception last year and we aim to create life-long learners. We  believe that children need to become independent in order to achieve this, so we would be grateful if you could support school by ensuring the children are prepared for home learning and are able to find their own clothes and P.E. kits because they are named. Encourage your child to say goodbye to you and come into school promptly as learning takes place the moment they enter the classroom.


There will be a heavy emphasis on the teaching of phonics in preparation for the children to take the National Phonics Check in June. Please support your child by returning all phonics home learning promptly and encourage them to practise their phonic skills when reading to you.


We also wish to promote a love o reading as a keen reader will make good progress! Please share a book with your child on a daily basis for five to ten minutes and visit the library. It would be useful to look for books linked to themes and to begin reading signs and notices in the environment.


P.E. days are Thursday and Friday. Please label all kit and clothing with your child's name. Remove rings and cover ear rings with tape or remove them altogether on P.E. days to avoid injury.  You may wish to include a pair of jogging bottoms as well as shorts, t -shirt and pumps for colder days.


Staff in Year One are always willing to talk to parents and carers about any concerns or queries. We might have to ask you to make an appointment at busy times but we will try to see you as soon as possible. After school please wait until we have seen children off the premises so we know they are safe. 


Please check out our photographs and videos on this page to find out what we have been doing.


Thank you for your support.



Autumn Term Curriculum