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Who's Who?

Headteacher - Mrs S Abraham 

Deputy Headteacher - Miss H Appleby 


Class Teachers

Nursery - Mrs. C. Allen 

Reception & Leader for Early Years - Mrs C Maksymczuk

Y1 - Mrs S. Kerr

Y2 - Miss S Rowaiye

Y3 - Mrs V Badhan 

Y4  - Mrs S. Williams 

Y5 - Miss A. Bingham 

Y6 - Miss K. Lynch


Mrs. L. Secrett 

Mr. E. Barr 


Lead for Inclusion & Leader for Key Stage 1 -  Mrs F. Cook 


Teaching Support Staff

Nursery - Miss J Copper -  Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Miss E James & Miss E Brothwood

Reception - Mrs S Youdan, Mrs J Beardmore. Miss E Brothwood and Mrs. C. Haines

Y1 - Miss T. Boulton

Y2 - Miss D. Sheppard

Y3 - Mr. O. Davies

Y4 - Mrs. D. Barrow

Y5 - Mrs L. Rudd

Y6 - Mrs S. Kaur

Phonics - Miss L. Harvey


Hearing Resource Base Teaching Staff

Year 5 & 6 Group Teacher   - Ms Lewin

Year 3 & 4 Teacher - Miss R Wood 



Hearing Resource Base Teaching Assistants

Miss T Jenkins

Mrs S Todd

Mrs S Hodgetts

Miss S Leddy                        

Mrs M Roy - Speech and Language


Pastoral Team

Pastoral Manager - Mrs S Zentani

Pastoral Assistant - Mrs J Swann 

Pastoral Assistant - Miss L Kemp


Office Based Staff

School Business Manager - Mrs M. Millington

School Administrator - Mrs C. Broadfield 

School Administrator - Mrs N. Titmus


School Cook 

Ms R. Kaur


Building Services Manager

Mr G. Millington