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"I like being a Digital Leader because we get to use and learn about computing and then we get to teach others about what we have learnt."
Milkyas "What I like about being a Digital Leader is you learn lots of new things that can help with my learning (and is great fun too!) and it will help me in the future!"
Chyanne "What's great about being a Digital Leader is it opens up a whole new area of learning."
Humzah "I enjoy being a Digital Leader because it show off my full potential and allows me to share my learning."
Morgan "I enjoy making PowerPoints and presentations, and teaching others about J2blast."
Marshal "I help teach others how to use J2blast and BGFL365."
Abbie "I enjoy learning about e-safety and using what I have learnt to teach everybody else."
Luke "I like helping and giving people e-safety tips."