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Hawthorn Primary School


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Inspire, Challenge, Achieve

WB 13th July

Starting School By Janet Ahlberg and Allan Ahlberg


W/C 13th July  

This week’s learning focuses on supporting your child with transitioning to Class R.

It will give them the opportunity to reflect on their time in Nursery, discuss their favourite memories and achievements whilst also considering their hopes and dreams for starting school.





Create a drawing or painting that illustrates your favourite school memory. This could be of a memorable lesson, a school trip or a game you've played with your friends. If you have more than one favourite memory, create multiple art pieces and put these together to create a collage. Share at





Now it is time to reflect on what makes you proud. What is your proudest achievement this year. This could be learning to read some simple words, holding a pencil correctly or learning to share and make friends. Create a portrait of your proudest achievement. This could then be shared with Mrs Maksymczuk in September. You may wish to also draw a portrait of your new class teacher, you could do this by looking at a photograph or stories of Mrs Maksymczuk on the Class R class page.



Saying goodbye



Ending the school year is a time for saying goodbye to your teacher and maybe some friends too!  Let’s think and talk about the friendships you have made this year. Who is important to you and why? What are you going to miss most about your teacher/teachers? Grown-ups please support your child to draw around their hand on paper and then carefully cut it out. On the template, ask your child to draw or write a goodbye message to a friend or teacher. On each finger, with support, they could write the qualities that this special person has displayed over the year e.g. kindness, being helpful, etc. 




Individual qualities


What makes you special. What makes you different to other people? Using an old shoe box, make a ‘Special About Me’ box. Collect items from around the house that represent who you are such as a paintbrush, a storybook or a pair of dance shoes. Alternatively, you could carefully cut out pictures from magazines or draw pictures to represent your individual qualities. Talk about the importance of being unique with your grown up.




Goal setting


Watch Giraffe’s can’t dance


Think about how Gerald the giraffe showed determination when trying to achieve his goals. What are you looking forward to most about going into Class R? What would you like to get better at and what would you like to learn about? Parents, please discuss all of the things that will help your child get ready for their new year group (see the documents and links below). With your child, choose a few of the items from the list to practise over the next few weeks before September.


My Goals…..

  • Putting on my P.E kit independently
  • Putting equipment away when I have finished using it
  • Writing my first and last name
  • Using shape names accurately
  • Using scissors safely
  • Counting 1-20 accurately  

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