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Hawthorn Primary School


Primary School

Inspire, Challenge, Achieve

Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Vision and Values of Hawthorn Primary School




Our aim is to embody our Vision Statement of INSPIRE, CHALLENGE, ACHIEVE through a commitment to educate the whole child. Our Motto of ‘Individually We Matter – Together We Shine’ captures our belief in promoting respect for all, honouring the diversity of each individual and celebrating how living, working and learning together promotes a harmonious and strong community.

We commit to:



*promoting a love of learning through a broad and balanced curriculum

*providing an engaging and vibrant curriculum that develops essential

skills for life and the future

* facilitating opportunities to be creative, to use ‘pupil voice’, to explore

and to apply English and Maths Skills in real life situations

*developing an understanding of learning as a life-long process, embracing

all opportunities given



*promoting a Growth Mindset in all children and adults within the

Hawthorn Community

*providing challenging learning opportunities that require deep-thinking and

application of skills

*creating an environment where aspiration is promoted and celebrated

*modelling a thirst for knowledge and respect for all



*ensuring each child is provided with every opportunity to make progress

*promoting pride in success

*recognising ‘mistakes’ as a vital part of the learning process

*instilling a sense of pride in the process of learning and the

finished product

Our Behavioural Principles are inextricably linked to Hawthorn's Vision and Values