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Speech and Language

Speech and Language 


If you think your child needs extra support with speech and language, please click on the link below to download an application form.


Referral To The Service : Birmingham Community Healthcare (


Here are some other links to resources that you may find useful.


Free resources for special educational needs & disabilities (SEND) – ChatterPack


If your child has a hearing impairment, please click the link below for help and ideas.


Improving speech and language | Communication for deaf children (


Please browse the videos below for ideas of how to help with language at home. 

If there is a specific area of language that your child needs help with e.g. prepositions; please feel free to ask Miss Jenkins to lend you some games/resources. 





Essential Language Skills


Here is a checklist of skills your child needs before she/he can begin to talk. 

1. Do they respond to events in the environment? 

2. Do they respond to people? 

3. Have they developed an attention span?

4. Do they exhibit joint attention?

5. Do they play with toys?

6. Do they understand and use gestures?

7. Do they understand relevant words and follow simple directions?

8. Do they babble and make sounds? 

9. Do they imitate actions, gestures, and words?

10. Do they initiate interaction with you?

11. Can they take turns? 

5 Signs of a Speech Delay | Speech Therapist Explains (EYFS)

Here are 5 things to look for in a child to know if they need an evaluation.

Guess the Animal Sound Game (EYFS and Key Stage 1)

Children need to be able to integrate auditory and visual information.

VISUAL MEMORY TEST | Train your visual memory (EYFS and Key Stage 1)

Visual memory skills can aid verbal understanding.

Synonyms Quiz - English Grammar Quiz (Key Stage 1 and 2)

Synonyms are useful words that you need to know in order to avoid repetition.

Practice and Learn 20 New Words - Vocabulary Quiz (Key Stage 2)

Identify the definition. This video will help you increase your vocabulary.