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Rights Respecting Ambassadors and news

Our Ambassadors met with our RRS Governor Mrs Gospel via a teams meeting

Meet our Rights Respecting Ambassadors.


Our Rights Respecting Ambassadors meet once a fortnight with Mrs Zentani. We discuss the Articles the children will be learning about as well as planning Unicef days. We also have our own Rights Respecting Newspaper. We are all working hard to achieve our Gold Award


Our ambassadors wanted to share the rights that are important to them...


Tanisha " I have the right to have my opinion listened too"

Umair " I have the right to an education"

Ethan " I have the right to clean water"

Grace " I have the right to share my views

Kyle " I have the right to play"

Damon " I have the right to have my voice heard"

Khadiza " I have the right to drink clean water and eat healthy food"

Wilson " I have the right to an education

Camille " I have the right to play and feel safe"

Kadeem "I have the right to an education"

Mishkat "I have the right to go to school and have good health care"

Each week we learn about the Articles and the rights. Since we returned to school in March 2021 we have learnt about...

Articles 42, 28, 29, 12, 24, 14 and 30

Launching Article 30- Every child has the right to learn and use the language, customs and religion of their family.


Tanisha spoke to each class about article 30- she would like a book where each child contributes a drawing, a photo or a piece of writing about their culture. Don't forget to send your contributions into school



Article 30 - We have the right to learn and use the language, customs and religion of our family.

Article 14- Freedom of thought, belief and religion. We have the right to think and believe what we choose and practice our religion


The whole school had a fabulous day celebrating the end of Ramadan with an Eid Party Day. 

Children discussed what Ramadan was and why some children celebrate Eid.  Lots of children asked their friends what they would be doing for Eid. We made Eid cards for our friends. In the afternoon we all ate party food and played games. All the children took home an Eid gift. 


Our Eid Celebrations