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Writing is a vital part of the curriculum at Hawthorn Primary School. Therefore, we have encouraged the use of a bespoke and balanced writing curriculum, which is inspired by children’s fiction, engaging stimuli and the wider curriculum.

By the end of primary school, we aim for our children to have developed a love for writing and to be able to creatively express their thoughts, ideas and wild imaginations through their written word. The writing curriculum at our school encourages children to immerse themselves in different text types, understand the features and impact of these, and realise the importance of them beyond education. A secure knowledge of spelling, grammar, handwriting and an understanding of how to edit writing is taught throughout the school in a systematic and progressive way. The content of writing lessons is planned to build on children’s previous knowledge, with teachers planning diagnostically to teach what is needed as well as introduce new learning in a fun and memorable way.

"You can make anything by writing" - C.S Lewis.