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Designated Safeguarding Leads

Safeguarding is at the heart of our school ethos. All stakeholders have a responsibility to safeguard the children in our school and report any concerns to a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).


The lead DSL (Sam Abraham – Headteacher) makes sure Hawthorn Primary adheres to our safeguarding and child protection policy (including online safety, understanding the filtering and monitoring systems in place, cyber security and safer recruitment), and enables CPD for the deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads.


We have six Designated Safeguarding Leads within our school who will respond to any potential concerns and act as a source of support, advice and expertise for staff. We all have a pivotal role to play in multi- agency safeguarding, working together with other agencies such as police, health visitors and children’s services.


Our DSL’s are:

Sam Abraham (Headteacher)

Felicity Cook (Deputy Headteacher)

Clare Maksymczuk (Early Years lead)

Aisha Zentani (Pastoral)

Emma James (Pastoral)

Eleanor Barker (Pastoral)

Our safeguarding Governor is Andy Poulton


Hawthorn Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all our pupils and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Robust mechanisms are in place throughout school relating to Safeguarding. Child Protection procedures are followed carefully, in line with “Keeping Children Safe (September 2023) and Hawthorn Primary School Safeguarding Policy (based upon the Birmingham Policy).

Pupils have a good understanding about being and feeling safe and understand that, when they are able to talk to adults in school at any time when worried about any issues met. 

It is our duty to ensure that all children in our care are and feel safe.

For further information about Safeguarding and Child Protection, please refer to the Safeguarding Policy.

Codes of Conduct (Respect Charter)

In line with our desire to always care for and respect everyone in our Hawthorn Community, the Codes of Conduct and Rights Respecting Charters are an integral part of our Safeguarding ethos and practice..

Treat people as you would want to be treated yourself.

Our Hawthorn code of conduct is displayed in every classroom and throughout the school.  The staff and children use and refer to it on a regular basis.

I will…

Show respect and care for each other.

Respect all property & belongings.

Look after our school environment.

Be & feel safe.

Be proud of our school.

Do our very best in everything.

So that everyone within our school community feels safe and is respected we also have a Staff Code of Conduct, a Governor Code of Conduct and a Parent/Carer Code of Conduct.  The full Parent/Carer Code of Conduct can be found on our website.

Parents, carers and visitors are reminded to:

  • Respect the caring ethos of the school
  • Understand that parents and teachers need to work together for the benefit of the pupils
  • Demonstrate in their own behaviour that all members of the school community should be treated with respect
  • Seek to clarify a child’s version of events with the school’s views in order to bring out a peaceful solution to any issue
  • Correct their own child’s behaviour, especially where it could lead to conflict
  • Approach school staff to help resolve issues of concern
  • Avoid using staff as threats to admonish children’s behaviour