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Why do we teach music?


At Hawthorn Primary School we value a love for learning in music because it inspires creativity, self-confidence, sense of achievement and increases essential learning and life skills for all, irrespective of ability.


Music promotes the importance of working with others towards a common goal.  Playing an instrument or learning to sing requires real concentration, quietness and calm, whilst being fun and creative. Working alongside others helps children to recognise their own skills and appreciate those of their peers. This builds life skills such as empathy, problem solving and communication, and a sense of responsibility and commitment. Music enables young people to express themselves like no other medium. It empowers them to shape their world through sound and allows them to exercise their imaginations. Encouraging creativity also teaches them to think outside the box when problem solving.


To succeed in the future, children will need to be inventive, resourceful and imaginative, and studying music will help. An early start in music often results in music becoming a life-long passion. The skills acquired from learning music can feed into your everyday, whilst playing, listening and enjoying music never needs to end! Music is inclusive irrespective of abilities. It gives children a unique motivation to participate and communicate and advances in technology mean more children than ever can take part in and reap the many benefits of a music education.


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