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Early Help

What is Early Help?


Early Help means taking action to support a child, young person or their family early in the life of a problem, as soon as it emerges. It can be required at any stage in a child’s life from pre-birth to adulthood and applies to any problem or need that the family cannot deal with or meet on their own. It also applies to all children and young people, with any form of need.

The Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership have been working to improve outcomes for young people in Birmingham.  The partnership – including representatives from statutory and voluntary agencies – are working together on a range of initiatives and improvements to the way we work with children and families within the city, strengthening the Birmingham Early Help and safeguarding system.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the pastoral team if you would like some more information regarding Early Help. 

Link to the Website : Birmingham Children Safeguarding Partnership