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Attendance And Punctuality

Image result for Mobile Telephone IconPlease remember to call school on 0121 464 3891 if your child is going to be absent.


Attendance at Hawthorn  

We work hard at Hawthorn to achieve good attendance and punctuality for all our pupils and have robust systems to support in improving attendance, taking in to consideration the individual circumstances of each of our pupils. As a school we work with parents to overcome barriers that impact on attendance and punctuality and if needed, support through an Early Help approach.Our procedure for attendance is outlined in detail in our Attendance Policy found as  a PDF document below. Paper copies can be requested at the main school office.

How we celebrate attendance at Hawthorn

Say hello to our new Hawthorn Bears. We have two new bears, one for KS1 and one for KS2. The class with the best attendance for the week will win a bear to look after for the week.



Congratulations to the pupils that were able to attend school for 100%, 99% and 98% of the Summer Term 2022-2023. Our attendance figure for 2022-2023 was 93.4% 

Why are Attendance and Punctuality important?


Attendance during one school year

Equivalent days missed

Equivalent weeks approx missed

Equivalent number of lessons missed


9 Days

2 weeks

50 Lessons


19 Days

4 Weeks

100 Lessons


29 Days

6 Weeks

150 Lessons


38 Days

8 Weeks

200 Lessons


48 Days

10 Weeks

250 Lessons


57 Days

11.5 Weeks

290 Lessons


67 Days

13.5 Weeks

340 Lessons



The above leaflet is downloadable using the link below. Further advice and guidance.