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Hooray For Fish!

In Nursery we have been learning all about fish.  We painted observational pictures of the Platy fish, created our own fish tanks, labelled the different parts of a fish and used magnifying glasses to look at a real fish.  We are learning lots of interesting facts, so far we know that:

  • Fish need to live in water
  • Fish have scales, gills and fins
  • They use their tail to swim


We have enjoyed reading fishy stories, especially Hooray For Fish and The Rainbow Fish.  Using collage materials we designed our own unique fish.  We also used modelling clay and sequins to make The Rainbow Fish (please see the story below).


In music we are learning the song Slippery Fish, have a look at the link below, you can practice singing at home too.

Slippery Fish.wmv

Uploaded by Silvia Sánchez on 2011-02-20.

Home/School Link for week beginning 27th April

"The Rainbow Fish" Animation

Story by Marcus Pfister, animation by Zach Sharpe, class of 2015.

Home/School Link for week beginning 20th April 2015

Splish! Splash! Splosh!

Our theme this term is Splish! Splash! Splosh! and our key question is Why does the world need water?


On Tuesday 14th April Nursery and Class R children discovered a fish tank in the classroom.  Inside were two Platy fish.  We discussed with Class R what fish need to survive and how to look after them. 

We visited Halls Garden Centre to buy fish food as well as plants and ornaments to put in the fish tank.

The fish seem to really like their new bridge and plants.

Home/School Link for week beginning 13th April 2015

Home/School Link for week beginning 23rd March 2015

Solar Eclipse

On Friday 21st March 2015  we were lucky to witness the rare event of a Solar Eclipse.  The Nursery joined children and staff on the playground with their colanders and pin boxes in order to share the event.

Letter Detectives

During a Letters & Sounds sessions this week, the Nursery children became Letter Detectives.  They looked for letters they knew on food and household packaging, then chose a letter sound card from the letter sounds they are familiar with and embarked on a hunt around school.  They studied signs, labels, posters and even door mats to seek out matching letters.  The children were excellent detectives and found letter sounds and print all around school.

Home/School Link for week beginning 16th March 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

This week in Nursery we have been thinking about Spring.  We started the week by going on a Spring walk around school to look for signs of change.  We used photographs to help us find flowers, buds, shoots and blossom.  Can you see signs of Spring on your way to and from school?


Home/School Link for week beginning 9th March 2015

World Book Day 2015

We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 5th March by dressing up as our favourite book character.  The Nursery children looked fantastic in their costumes.

We had a fun packed, busy day.  We started off by sharing our favourite books with our friends.  Gideon came dressed a Knight and shared his book 'Zog'.  Demi dressed up as a princess and brought  two princess books to share.

Alan, from Perry Common Library visited and told us about about the Library and some of his favourite books during assembly. 

We used the listening station to hear the story 'This is Bear' and some of Year 1 came to Nursery to listen to stories and join in with songs.

At the end of the day children were presented with a £1 book token which can be exchanged at a book shop for one of the £1 books,  specially produced for World book Day, or to put towards the cost of a more expensive book.

The following day, we visited the Library to choose books for our story sessions for the coming week.

We had a very busy but enjoyable day.  A big thank you to parents for supporting your children's learning.

Fine Motor Bags

Home/School Link for week beginning 2nd March 2015

Twycross Zoo


On Monday 23rd February Nursery and Class R visited Twycross Zoo.  Max and Molly, our monkey guests in our classrooms, were missing their friends, so we decided to take them to the zoo.

We had a fantastic time, we saw lots of different kinds of monkeys.  Monkeys who were big, small, black, brown and white. Monkeys with long tails, shorts tails and some with no tails at all! 

Max and Molly had fun seeing their monkey friends. They also enjoyed eating lunch with Ayman and sitting next to Ruby on the coach.

We saw a variety of animals during the day, have a look at the photograph's below.  Can you remember the names of some of the animals we saw?

When we were getting ready to leave the zoo, Amelia noticed paw prints on the ground.  Who do you think they belong to?


Throughout the day the children were extremely well behaved and we were very proud of them all.

Home/School Link for week beginning 23rd February 2015

Hey Hey It's the Monkey!

Over the last few weeks the monkey has been coming into our Nursery.  We thought he might be hungry so we left some fruit out for him, he really likes fruit!

We looked at non-fiction books to find out more facts about monkeys. 

We found out that monkeys like to jump, leap and swing in trees, so we made the monkey a tree.. Monkeys like to live with their friends, so we painted pictures of monkeys.

We decided to visit Twycross Zoo where there are lots of different breeds of monkeys.

On Friday 13th February our friend Pip the puppet brought his bag to Nursery.  When we opened the bag the monkey was hiding inside.  He brought us photographs his friends at the zoo and a map to help us find our way around. We are very excited about our trip on Monday 23rd February.

The monkey spent the day in Nursery making friends and exploring.

Home/School Link for week beginning 9th February 2015

Repeating Patterns


After reviewing our previous learning in Maths, this week (WB9.02.15), we have been practicing continuing and creating repeating patterns.

Using the musical instruments we made 'shake and tap' as well as' jingle and shake' patterns.


Pattern making was easy when we used our 'sharing hands'.  We held two bricks of the same colour in one hand, then two of another colour in the other hand.  We then took turns with our hands to place the bricks in a line, which created a repeating pattern.


During snack time we had great fun creating our own fruit kebabs.  They were very tasty and healthy too!


Ayman and Damon have been transferring their pattern making skills when exploring the Compare Bears and number pegs.


Please support your child's learning by encouraging them to show you how to make a repeating pattern with items at home.

Home/School Link for week beginning 2nd February 2015



On Monday and Friday this week the Nursery children visited Alexander Stadium to participate in a Gymfants session.  As well as building confidence with gross motor movement and spatial awareness, the sessions gave the children the opportunity to develop and refine their climbing, swinging ,jumping and balancing skills.

The children had a wonderful time and enjoyed having the freedom to explore and attempt new challenges.

More Patterns

Leading on from our learning last week, we have been looking this week at repeating patterns. 

First we decided to create a pattern using the actions, stamp and clap.  We repeated 'stamp and clap' lots of times as we performed the actions.

Then we created the repeating pattern by using pumps to represent 'stamp', and gloves to represent 'clap'.

After, we used photographs of pumps and gloves to create a repeating pattern on the board.

Moving on, we decided to use two different coloured Compare Bears to create a pattern.

Next week we will be looking at musical patterns.

Home/School Link for week beginning 26th January 2015

Patterns all around

In maths this week we have been learning about patterns.  We explored patterns in the environment and took rubbings of the patterns we found.

We enjoyed reading the story My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh.  In the story mum likes spots and dad likes stripes but their son likes grey.  We looked at the patterns on our own clothes and created stripey and spotty pictures.

We discovered that animals have patterns too.  We examined photographs of animals and sorted them in to two group, animals with spots and animals with stripes.

Home/School Link for week beginning 19th January 2015

Monkey Magic


On Tuesday 6th January Nursery and Class R were surprised to find their playground taped off. Something strange had happened.

They began to investigate the evidence which was scattered all over the playground.  They made a list of the evidence they found.

1. Fruit peel

2.  Leaves

3.  Poo

4.  Berries

5.  Print

6.  Nuts

The children in Nursery thought about who it could be.  Ayman thought it might be giraffe, Gideon thought it might be an elephant and Damon thought it might be a dog.


We were very shocked when we spotted monkeys playing in the tree. We looked at non fiction books to find out where monkeys like to live.  Then decided to make a tree in Nursery in case the monkeys wanted to come inside.  We cut and threaded leaves with ribbon and printed leaves on tiles.


Mr Millington was worried when he discovered that the monkeys had been in to Nursery to play with our toys and look for food.

We decided to research what monkeys like to eat.  We discovered that they really like leaves, berries, nuts, flowers and fruit .  Especially bananas!

We all helped to make banana bread, it was really tasty, the monkeys thought so too!

Home/School Link for week beginning 12th January 2015

Shapes are all around us.  The Nursery children went on a shape hunt around school.

Circle, triangle, square, rectangle, which shapes can you see?

  Happy New Year!

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