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Visit to Elim Church

On Monday, 2nd December the whole of Hawthorn Primary School walked up the road to visit Elim Church. Pastor John had invited us to watch a to watch a pantomime performance about the story of Jesus and Christmas.

There were 4 different actors that played more than one character, e.g. Mary and the shepherd were the same person. It was mostly about travelling back in time to find out the story of Jesus’ birth.

The main time traveller’s name was Justin and his partner’s name was Tiny Tim. There were more characters though like the caveman… It was a funny and entertaining performance because they sang songs and they kept on time travelling to different places. 


Did you know The Three Wise Men came to visit Jesus at the same time as the shepherds?

Did you know the wine represented His blood and the bread represented His body?


At the end Pastor John gave us all cards to see Santa at the church, for free, and receive a gift. I had a very good time and I am sure the rest of Hawthorn Primary School did too.