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Black History Month

On Monday and Tuesday we had a visit from a theatre company called Freshwater Theatre. All of the children from EYFS- Y6 had the opportunity to work with the company in interactive and engaging  workshops - the children were very excited.
Three different workshops took place:

A Carnival of Stories (EYFS)

This was an Early Years’ Story Hunt.  During the workshop there was a focus on using the senses as the facilitator- Debra led the children around the hall to pick up clues from 3 different locations (England, Kenya and the Caribbean. The children explored the characters in the books ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘Island Counting’.

Stories from Africa- for Year 1 and 2 

In an interactive workshop, using drama activities such as role play and tableaux, the children explored two stories; ‘How Anansi became King of all the Stories’ and ‘How the Zebra got his Stripes’.

KS2- Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 

Quest for... The Windrush

The children explored the fascinating voyage of the Empire Windrush and its passengers from the Caribbean to Britain. The facilitator played the role as the Time Traveller and the children demonstrated their knowledge by passing tasks and working together to become Time Travellers themselves. In the session the children discovered who the passengers of the Windrush were and consider why they came to Britain, they engaged in role play exploring the Windrush voyage and met famous passengers such as the musician Lord Kitchener. When they arrived, they explored what settling in Britain was like for the Windrush’s passengers and celebrate the legacy of people who undertook the voyage and made Britain their home.