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Hawthorn Primary School


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Mental Health and Well-being

14th February-18th February

This week in school we are celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week. Children will be taking part in planned activities throughout the week, ending with a Dress to Express day on Friday. 

Mental Health Awareness Day 2021- Today we flooded the school with yellow. We had a special assembly where pupil ambassadors gave out the friendship bracelets they had made, for the children who had shown acts of kindness this week. During the day classes have taken part in lots of activities to raise awareness for world mental health day..

We are supporting Mental Health Awareness Day (9/10/20). We have all come to school wearing something Yellow and this afternoon we are all learning about Mental Health and well being. We had a Yellow dance party in Breakfast club to help us start the day with a positive mindset.

Year 1
In Year 1 children marked Mental Health Awareness Day by creating their own Mental Health Super Hero. Children also talked about the different feelings they knew and what makes them happy in school and at home. They finished the day off with a spectacular dance. 

Some of our lovely parents also joined in by wearing yellow to school!

                            Mental Health and Well-being 

As part of our school ethos we aim to support all pupils, staff and parents to live a healthy life, promoting good physical and mental health.


Following on from the Government advice, outlined in 'Mental Health and Behaviour in School' we have appointed a Lead for Mental Health and Well-being in school, and continue to develop early identification of mental health needs and plan for support where needed.