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Eco Warriors

Welcome to our Eco Warrior page!

Bring your used batteries, clean soft plastics, crisp packets and cheese packets to school to recycle. All brands are accepted for recycling.

 Hawthorn's Big Plastic Count

Watch the video below to find out how to take part. Letters and tally sheets will be sent home tonight. 

How to take part in The Big Plastic Count - schools version!

Taking part in The Big Plastic Count is easy! Find out more:

Eco Warriors tallying plastic packaging.

COMING SOON...World Bee Day Cake Sale! Friday 20th May at 3.15

 Read-Cycle Summer Term Dates


Friday 6th May 2022

Friday 20th May 2022

Friday 17th June 2022

Friday 1st July 2022

Friday 15th July 2022



Happy World Penguin Day!


Thank you to everyone who entered our World Penguin Day Competition. Please look through the pictures below to see some of the marvellous creations. 

Our competition winners are Lexi & Rossa. Our runner up prize winner is Ella. Congratulations!

World Penguin Day Creative Competition 2022

How are cans recycled?

This week Miss Jenkins has been emailing recycling companies, to find out if we can make a profit from recycling aluminium cans at school.
Watch the video to see how cans are recycled.

World Seal Day & World Bear Day



We have had lots of fantastic entries for our creative competition. Children were invited to take part by drawing, painting or making a seal or a bear. Alternatively they could write a story or a poem.  Winners will be announced on Friday 25th March

Please check out some of the entries below. 

Cultivation Week and Composting Week


We have been experimenting with seeds, planting them in different areas to discover which area is the most successful and why.






Eco Warriors have been looking at fact and fiction books, with an environmental theme today, in celebration of World Book Day.


Don't forget to pick up your free recycled book from read-cycle tomorrow! We have some great new titles, as Perry Common Library were able to kindly donate some to our scheme.




Happy World Hippo Day!

15th February 2022



Hippos reside along the rivers and lakes in Africa. The hippopotamus is not currently endangered, but it is vulnerable.


As humans expand their homes, farms and roads this encroaches on the wildlife habitats. The main threats to the hippopotamus species are hunting/shooting, habitat loss and deforestation.


* HIPPO * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

HIPPO * | Animals For KidsQuality, educational videos for kids. Made in the UK.Subscribe to All Things Animal TV! here:



Today was the first day of our new, book recycling scheme. It was a great success! Thank you so much to all of the children, staff and parents who donated books. 


Mr Rogers chose a book about cars.

Miss Jenkins chose a book about ladybirds, to share with the children in EYFS.

Mrs Beardmore chose a Captain Underpants book for her son.

Miss Copper chose a book about a bear to use in PSHE lessons.


Lots of children chose a book to take home and read. With read-cycle books you can keep them for as long as you want!


Alternatively you can donate your book back to school and then choose another book! Don't forget there are also adult books available for parents and carers. Books can be chosen on the following Friday afternoons. 


 Friday 28th January 2022

Friday 4th February 2022

Friday 18th February 2022

Friday 4th March 2022

Friday 18th March 2022

Friday 1st April 2022


Book donations can be sent in at any time. 




Eco Warriors have been busy organising the books in preparation for tomorrow.

Please come along and choose a free book!


How to make a bird feeder | Natural History Museum

Bring nature to your doorstep by keeping wild birds fed with a homemade bird feeder. Follow our steps to build a seed feeder from a reused plastic bottle.

 Winter Recycling Competition


Well done Hawthorn! You have all been doing a fantastic job of saving your recyclable items.

All of the items you sent in have been saved from going to landfill sites.



Our winners are Maria, Thomas and the Younis family. 

Our staff winners are Mrs Kett and Mrs Haines.

Thank you so much for saving all of your items.

The Eco Warriors proudly presented the prizes to the winners.




Eco Warrior Cody recommends Go Green With The Grimwades.

The Grimwades talk about recycling household goods and challenges Milkshake! viewers to do the same


You can recycle that!


Following our own COP26 conference, we now have more recycling opportunities available than ever before! Our newest addition is (clean) soft plastic recycling. In addition to our school recycling point, soft plastic can also be recycled at our local co-op, on Hawthorn Road. 

If you have frozen vegetables for dinner this evening, save your soft plastic bag and bring it in to recycle! 

Please check the acceptable items list, on the side of the box, before putting your item inside. 

Stop! You can recycle that!

Still image for this video


United Nations Climate Change Conference

This week is the week that world leaders are meeting to discuss the current issue of climate change. 
As Hawthorn’s Eco Warriors we are also very concerned and eager to play our part in protecting the our school’s and the planet’s biodiversity. 
The video below is a short clip of some of the points that Sir David Attenborough made at the conference.



Cop26: David Attenborough urges world leaders to turn 'tragedy into triumph'

David Attenborough has told world leaders that there is time to "rewrite our story", in an impassioned speech during the opening ceremony of Cop26.

 We held our own mini conference and this is what we had to say...

I have a dream.

Still image for this video

Plant more trees.

Still image for this video

Fruit trees and vegetable plants

Still image for this video

Bee Art Competition

Eco Warriors entered a bee art competition back in June (scroll down to see our entry) and we are so pleased that we won fifth place!

We won a bee hotel and this prize inspired us to make some more! 

We used all natural materials and no glue, instead we packed the wood in our boxes very tightly.

We hope to see some visitors staying over at our hotel soon!

Well done Hawthorn!


Thank you so much to everyone who brought in items to recycle. According to the Eco Warriors' calculations, we collected 986 items for the competition! As a whole school we have saved all of those items from going to landfill, which is great news for the environment. 


Our winner with over 400 crisp packets was Umair!


Joint second place went to brothers Jayden and Michael with over 200 batteries (with some help from Uncle Chris).


Third place went to Freya with almost 100 mixed recyclables. 


Check out the leader board below!

Leader Board


Autumn 2021 Recycling Competition

Ranked by highest number of children recycling.







Year 4


Year 1


Year 3




Year 2


Year 5


Year 6

Cheese packet recycling



The Eco Warriors have noticed that our cheese packet recycling box is looking very empty! Don't forget to bring in your packets in to recycle. They can be recycled into benches and other park equipment.

Recycle your cheese packaging!

Still image for this video






Year 4 have been learning to ride bikes or improving their cycling skills with Malcolm from Bikeability. Everyone did really well and the children have been awarded certificates and badges. Riding bikes to school is great for the environment!



Summer Recycling Champions! 


Summer Recycling Competition 

The Eco Warriors are looking for recycling champions! Bring in as many crisp packets, cheese packets and batteries as you can, until the closing date on Friday 16th July.


You can ask your family to help you collect recyclable items and bring them to school to be recycled. 

There will also be a staff competition too! The winners will receive goody bags. 

In September we will continue recycling, so don’t forget to save items over the summer holiday too. 



Clean Air Cops

 Traffic Survey 

We did a traffic survey and recorded the types of vehicles, on the road opposite our school.

We were disappointed to find that there were no cyclists during the recording period and quite a few cars with only one occupant. 


 Busy Bees


We have noticed several bees in the playground on the floor. One of main problems for bees is a lack of safe habitat where they can build homes and find a variety of nutritious food sources.



Using the money raised on Environment Day we purchased flower seeds, approved by the RHS. By planting them we hope to create a better habitat for bees, with plants that are rich in pollen and nectar. 



Art Competition

This week we entered an art competition to win a bug hotel for school. We used various musical instruments, PE equipment and other items to make our creation. 

It's Official! 

Miss Jenkins has successfully set up an official drop off point, for the community, at Hawthorn Primary School. This means that people in our local area can bring their cheese packets to us, to be recycled.The first person to bring in a packet was Miss Sheppard.

Well done Miss Sheppard, we are very proud of you! 





Coconut Coir




Today we wrapped and gifted new, environmentally friendly, cleaning sponges. We handed them out to each room with a kitchen sink. The sponges are made from coconut fibres.


Unfortunately many kitchen sponges and scourers are made of plastic. This means that every time someone washes up, micro-plastics go down the plughole and are washed out into the ocean. 


By making a small change and using biodegradable, coir sponges, we can reduce the amount of waste we are putting into landfill and our oceans. 


Happy World Giraffe Day!

Click on the link below to learn some new giraffe facts.


Baby GiraffeπŸ¦’| Disney Animals| Disney Junior - Bing video


Check out our giraffe sketches!




Bird Feeders 

This week we made our own bird feeders using natural materials. Sometimes there are food shortages for birds and this can occur at any time of the year. By feeding birds all year round, we can help them to have a greater chance of surviving any future food shortages. During the summer months, birds require high protein foods, especially while they are moulting.









World Oceans Day


To celebrate World Oceans Day today we have adopted a turtle, through the World Wildlife Fund! Classes have been busy making posters and learning about the dangers of plastic in the ocean. We all think the turtle is adorable and we are now thinking about what to name him!









World Environment Day 2021


Thank you to all the staff and children for participating today. You all looked amazing dressed in greens, bright colours and animal prints. 


Thank you to all the parents and children who kindly purchased vegetable seeds to grow at home. Special thanks to Asrah, Summer & Laila in Y4, who remembered to bring in items to recycle. Special thanks to Nabihah and Zunairah for creating such a lovely poster for us, to celebrate the day with.  


We are always recycling, so save up your batteries and crisp packets over the half term holiday, to bring in when we return.




Bin Audit - Dining Hall 




We are still finding crisp packets in the bins.

The crisp packet recycling box is outside the Y3 classroom. 

 We also discovered a lot of hard and soft plastic items and a lot of uneaten food, including whole apples and whole sandwiches!

We have now composted some of the wasted food. 




Happy World Bee Day! 

Globally, three out of four crops that produce fruits or seeds for human consumption, are partially reliant on bees and other pollinators. We are hoping to add a wider range of flowers in the school grounds, for our bees soon.




Bin Audit - KS1 and HRB classrooms


Today we started our whole school bin audit, to discover what we as a school are throwing away. This will help us to decide what we need to do to help the environment by creating less waste


We started with KS1 and HRB bins and unfortunately found multiple items that could have easily been recycled or composted.


Eco Warriors to the rescue! We divided and condensed the waste, taking anything that did not need to go in the bin to the correct place. 



Congratulations to Year 5!



Eco Warriors have checked the data and discovered that Year 5 had the most pupils who walked to school last week. Congratulations Year 5, you win 10 marbles! 

This week is Walk to School Week. Leaving the car at home means less pollution for our environment. The class with the most children walking to school will win 10 marbles! 

It was great to see so many children walking today. We’re off to a great start!

Mr Barr is a star! He regularly cycles to and from school.

If you live far away you can park and stride, park a little further away from school and walk the remainder of the way. 

Litter picking in our local community


Any litter removed from a natural ecosystem helps wildlife and creates a better space for humans too! Mammals (like hedgehogs) and birds (like swans) frequently suffer injuries as a result of getting caught up in waste.


At our weekly meeting today we discussed the health and safety risks of the task at hand; then Dio made a Braveheart style speech to motivate everyone! 


The Eco Warriors visited Perry Common Library and worked hard to collect and organise the litter. We placed the glass, plastic and cans in separate bags so that they can now be recycled



 We pushed back fallen leaves and needles, to give new plants and trees more space to grow and thrive.

Remembering to recycle - Well done Y1!

 Recycling and reusing


Staff have managed to acquire some wooden pallets that can now be made into something new for our school. Come back to our page in few weeks, to see what happens to them!


We could do cheddar! 


We are collecting crisp packets to recycle and working hard on reinstating our paper recycling collection. In our weekly meetings we have voiced how important we feel recycling is, so what else can we recycle? 


Miss Jenkins thinks it would be brie-lliant if we recycled cheese packaging! 


We all know she could probably fill the box with her cheese packets alone!


Miss Jenkins submitted the application forms this week. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we get accepted by TerraCycle, as a drop off location. If we succeed, our wider community will be able to bring their cheese packaging to school to be recycled.

Click on the link above to take the biodiversity quiz.

A message from the Eco Warriors...

Still image for this video

Eco Warrior products are now available to purchase in the staff room. Any money raised will fund future projects in school & the local area. We have items made from bamboo this week. Bamboo is hardy, easily maintained and grows quickly, making it a good alternative to plastic. However any old, unwanted, plastic toothbrushes can be reused as cleaning brushes.

We have been busy collating our ideas and also using our muscles! Miss Jenkins was able to find & save some laminate flooring that someone was going to throw away. Eco Warriors are going to reuse it, rather than dispose of it. EYFS will repurpose it and use it as a road for their toy cars, in their outdoor learning area.

 Click on the link above to watch the video. 



We can all be Eco Warriors! Here are some things you can do at home...