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Class R

We have been using the internet to search for images of animals which live in the jungle.


We have been using 'adjectives' in our writing

Adapting the story - Dear Zoo

We drew our own illustrations of Dear Zoo characters and then thought of our own adjectives to describe each animal.

We wrote a 'Recount' to inform Year One about our trip to Twycross Zoo.

We used time connectives - First, Next, Then and Finally.

A trip to Twycross Zoo for 'Our Marvellous Middle'

We had an amazing day at Twycross Zoo

The children absolutely loved observing the monkeys!

We have our own Zoo Shop in school

We have been exploring money in our shop.

Some of the children counted pennies and placed them into Numicon Shapes!

How many 1p coins can you find at home?

How many 2p coins can you find at home?

Have you got more or less 2p coins?

We have been exploring 2 dimensional shapes.

Which shapes do not have corners?

What is the difference between a square and a rectangle?

How many sides does a semi circle have?

Congratulations Reception. You are now HMI (Hawthorn Monkey Investigators)

Your application forms were all have amazing skills.

We wanted to ensure the monkeys had something to eat when they visited our classroom. We researched what monkeys eat and visited the supermarket to purchase a selection of food (you will not be surprised to discover that we were unable to buy ‘insects’ from the supermarket).

After reading a variety of non-fiction texts we discovered that monkeys swing from ‘tree to tree’.


To encourage the monkeys to visit our classroom we carefully created detailed leaf prints using polystyrene tiles, paint and rollers.

Look at our amazing tree!!

The Animal Investigation Team contacted Reception and Nursery and asked the children to write who they thought was hiding in their school.

Look at our fantastic writing!


It's a monkey...


Our Learning Journey began when we found fruit, nuts, leaves, footprints and poo in our outdoor area.

Who is hiding in our school?

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