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Hawthorn Primary School


Primary School

Inspire, Challenge, Achieve

Class R

Welcome to Reception!

In 'Talk for Writing' we have been retelling, sequencing and signing 'The Gingerbread Man' story. Can you teach a family member how to sign the story?

Phonics Time Week 3

We have been reading the instructions and measuring the ingredients accurately to make our gingerbread people...

Phonics Time Week 2

Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception (September 2020). The children have settled in beautifully and it is a delight to observe them interacting with their new friends and making positive relationships with the adults in school. The children have been thoroughly enjoying exploring their indoor and outdoor environments. We have been helping ‘Twiggle the Turtle’ to be the ‘Best Learners’ we can be and ensuring that we have a ‘Growth Mindset’ when tackling new tasks.


The children are our super Germ Busters and they are washing their hands regularly and ensuring they use the 'Nose Wiping Station' if they need to 'catch it, bin it, kill it'. 


Starting School is a major milestone for you and your child. As parents, you want your children to make the best possible start to school life. We all want the same thing – a happy, confident child who enjoys going to school and loves learning. By building an effective home/school partnership, we can all achieve this aim together.


Phonics is fun...

Being active and happy. We have been retelling The Gingerbread Man story in PE. How did we travel to each character?

Phonics Time Week 1

Super Star Learners...