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Hawthorn Primary School


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Class Bubbles

Reception Bubble – we have been baking bread and making butter for Mr Grinling (Lighthouse Keeper). We have also been writing sentences in phonics. Super writers use Fred fingers for spelling, finger spaces between words, a capital letter at the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end of a sentence. The children decided to make their own seagulls to try and eat their bread. We have been writing subtraction number sentences in mathematics. The children are absolutely loving spending time together in continuous provision and group activities…

Reception Bubble (Week Beginning 13th July)– This week we have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. The children have created their own lighthouse and have written about their lighthouse. We have also been reading our phonics books with expression. Look at us having a great time using the barrels and playing ‘Simon Says’. In mathematics we have been subtracting by building interlocking cube lighthouses.

Nursery (Week beginning 6th July 2020)

Another busy week in nursery!

This week we have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood. To link with the story, we designed and created our own baskets, made wolf faces to support the game ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’ and made chocolate chip cookies. Yum, yum!

In literacy we reviewed speed sounds and practised letter formation.

In maths we used 2D shapes to create our own pictures. We counted objects and can accurately use our fingers to represent number.

As this was our last week in nursery we thought about the transition into Reception and drew pictures for our new teachers.

To celebrate our last day in nursery we had a picnic in Sutton Park. We had great fun climbing and exploring.


We would like to wish all the nursery children the very best of luck as they move into their new class. We are incredibly proud of how well they have adapted to the new routine during this difficult time.


Take a look at our gorgeous graduation photographs.


Year One week beginning 29th June- We have had a very busy week! We have been listening to the story "Owl Babies" and done lots of work based on the story. We have learned about the life cycle of an owl and sequenced events. We have labelled the main body parts of an owl and found out information about their habitats. Also the risks they face that have arisen from changes in the countryside and the growth of motorways  from watching videos created by the Barn Owl Trust. We retold the story by cutting and sticking  the main events and then we wrote it. We described the thoughts and feelings of the characters at different parts of the story.We wrote a letter to Bill, One of the owls in the story who was afraid when he woke up and discovered his mummy had gone.


In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We have folded shapes into halves and quarters and identified halves and quarters in shapes. We also found halves and quarters in quantities using counting apparatus.


We have drawn, painted and made collages of pictures of owls. In P.E. we have been practising ball skills but of course, no contact was allowed!

Reception - We have written a shopping list for Mrs Maksymczuk because we are baking biscuits, bread and making ice lollies this week for Grandma.


Reception Bubble – We followed a ‘Tablespoon’ recipe to bake biscuits for Grandma and have written the cooking instructions for The Big Bad Wolf to follow. The children used 2D shapes to create their own pictures. We have been reading our ‘phonics’ non – fiction books and writing simple sentences linked to these books.


Reception – We have been exploring freezing and melting. Look at the delicious fresh fruit lollipops we have made for Little Red Riding Hood.

.In our y2/3 bubble, we designed our own Aliens, we wrote about our Aliens and made our very own space books.

Reception Bubble - Our story this week is Little Red Riding Hood. Reiss helped Mrs Maksymczuk to read the story. We used 2D shapes to create repeating pattern paths to Grandma’s house. The children have been collecting natural materials for painting. Erin, Eliyah and Jon-Paul have made baskets for Little Red Riding Hood. Kyle, Bailey and Reiss have been exploring colour mixing to paint Little Red Riding Hood.


We have been practising for our Reception Class Sports Day. Look at us jumping over the hurdles, balancing beanbags on our heads and sprinting.

Reception Bubble - Look how much our beans have grown!

Welcome to the Year 2/3 Bubble. Monday 29th June.

We had a very busy first day back in school. First Mrs Cook and Mrs Zentani showed us a film all about social distancing and the Covid Virus.  We talked about how important it was to wash our hands, and how to stop germs spreading.We talked about how school looked a bit different. After this we practiced lining up...staying 2 metres apart. We practised what to do if we heard the fire alarm. We were so happy to see each other and are looking forward to learning more about Space tomorrow. Have a look below at our busy day.

We watched a film about Covid and social distancing and practised lining up.

We did an activity called All about me... we told each other 4 facts about ourselves.

Miss Broom came to look after us at lunchtime. We ate our lunch at our work stations. Tyler had a lovely letter from his mom. It made us all smile. We then played outside.

After a lovely playtime Mrs Cook and Mrs Zentani had a big surprise... we spoke to Miss Rowaiye and Miss Sheppard on Microsoft teams! It was so lovely to see them. Miss Sheppard cried happy tears. We then learnt all about the Solar System. We pretended to be planets and move around the sun. We then made our own Solar Systems and learnt a song about planets.