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Year Five

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  • Bikeability

    Published 01/12/23, by San Kaur

    This week, we have had Bikeability, which is the government's national cycle training programme. Bikeability cycle training equips children with vital life skills. Pupils have not only learnt to cycle, they have gained independence, social skills and a sense of wellbeing. 

    Pupils have been learning pratical skills and understanding of how cycle on today roads. Bikeability has given all of Year 5 the confidence to cycle and enjoy this skill for life.

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  • Newswise Family Workshop

    Published 24/11/23, by San Kaur

    Thank you to all the parents that attended our Newswise parent workshop. Newswise workshop allowed parents and children to learn about what constitutes real and fake news. The children took part in a number of activities establishing the difference between facts, rumours and opinions used in news reports. Along with this, families understood the fabrication and altering of digital images and how this can give people false information. Children were then asked to create their own image to show different realities and perceptions of something. The children finally delivered their own news reports, putting into practise what they had learnt throughout the workshop.

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  • Scientific enquiry

    Published 10/11/23, by San Kaur

    This week in science (chemistry), Year 5 investigated how mixtures can be separated using a variety of techniques. We used methods such as filtering mud and water, sieving raisins in flour, evaporating and magnets to separate metal pins from rice. Please ask your child which methods they enjoyed the most and if there are any other materials at home  that could be separated using one of the above methods.

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  • Singing Assembly

    Published 27/10/23, by San Kaur

    This week we had a whole school assembly, performing our class songs.  Year 5 sang Henrys Happy Hour linking to our history topic.  Please watch and enjoy our singing.

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  • 19-10-23

    Published 20/10/23, by San Kaur

    Library Visit Workshop. 19-10-23

    Firstly, thank you to all the parents that attended our workshop on Thursday. We had a great time visiting our local library, Perry Common Library, learning all the different ways in which it supports the community and young people.

    Children  learnt how the library provides access to information and resources, supporting literacy and education, promotes lifelong learning and serves as a community gathering space.

    We had the opportunity to make library cards and explore all the different books which are available to us.

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  • African Drumming Workshop

    Published 11/10/23, by San Kaur

    We had an amazing African Drum Workshop, learning how to play Djembe drums. Miller, who is from Primary Workshops for Schools, taught the children how to be conductors and create beats rhythmically linked with the African ballet.

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  • 02-10-23

    Published 06/10/23, by San Kaur

    This week, Year 5 and Year 6 held an Internet Safety Workshop. 

    We discussed the impact of sharing personal information online and what is acceptable to share. The children and parents took part in searching for themselves online to see what their internet presence was like, in which we explored what is put online could have a positive or negative effect. Parents and children also took part in creating secure passwords to keep information safe. In addition to this, parents were given a take-home sheet with additional information on how to stay safe. The workshop allowed both children and parents to really think about practices they use online while staying safe.

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  • Reading at Home

    Published 26/09/23, by Alix Bingham

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • 18-09-23

    Published 22/09/23, by San Kaur

    This week, Year 5 has chosen different materials and tested their insulating properties. The material with the best insulating properties will be most suited to keep water the warmest for the longest period of time. Children carried out a scientific enquiry, making predictions and recording results. Please ask your child which material had the best insulating properties.

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  • Welcome to Year 5

    Published 22/09/23, by San Kaur

    Welcome back. We hope that you have a relaxing and enjoyable break and are ready for some exciting new learning. You and your child will be supported by Mr Robinson, the class teacher. Mrs Kaur, classroom assistant and Mrs Todd, our hearing resource based support staff. Please check this page regularly for updates and pictures of your children's learning. 


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