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17th November 2021
Year Three have been experimenting with different paints to create prints for their Stone Age Cave Paintings. They will evaluate their prints, explaining which prints they liked the best  and why and then choose their favourite technique to create a final print. Watch this space for the results!

21st October 2021

Year Three have been using their art skills to display what they know about Stone Age houses in History. During the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic ages, the Stone Age people built their houses using stone, wood and animal skins. They used what they could find to tie these things together to form the structure of the house and the house had a hole for the Stone Age people to enter and exit. They often built fires to keep themselves warm, to cook their food and keep predators away. Can you spot any of these things in their structures?

21st October 2021
Year One have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. Look at some of the artwork they have produced showing a scene of the city as London burned. How fantastic is their colour mixing?

19th October 2021

As part of their learning in Science, Year Three have created these amazing fossils using clay and plaster of Paris. The children discussed how fossils are formed and then created these fossils to reenact the process. Ask someone from Year Three all about it! It’s always fun when our learning in other subjects link to Art!

18th October 2021

We think Mrs Zentani has been busy! Look what has appeared on the walls on the way to the den! Remember to stop by and have a think about some of the questions.

18th October 2021

Year Two have a lovely new addition to the classroom and have added an Art and DT display! We look forward to seeing what they create and what will get added to the wall each half term. So far, they are showcasing their experimentation with primary and secondary colours.

11th October 2021
WOW! To celebrate Black History Month, Reception have been soaring into space and learning all about black space men and women who have made an impact on what we know about Space today! Aren’t their rockets out of this world?

Keep up to date with all the wonderful art work that is happening at Hawthorn Primary School by checking in on this page regularly!