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Woodlands '17

There were many amazing adventures had by the children who were able to go on the Woodlands Residential this year. Here are a small selection of highlights and reflections about the experience for some of the pupils...


"The best part of Woodlands was staying away with my friends." CT


"I wish that we could have had more goes on the zip wire." LP


"My favourite experience of all was the night walk." KS


"I really liked spending time with the teachers and some people I really didn't know but now I do." TT


"I wish we had more time at Woodlands." KM


"I really enjoyed the archery because it was something new that I tried." CF


"My favourite experience was staying away from home." GB


"My best memory was when we sat by the campfire and sang songs together." GP


"I wish that I could go on the zip wire 10 times!" ER


"I would like to stay at Woodlands for longer... for a week." AB


"The zip wire was fast!" CD



"My favourite experience was making new friends"". MC