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Whitemoor Lakes Y6 Residential...Important Information!

Year 6


Whitemoor Lakes


Residential 2017

11th - 13th September, 2017







The children will have a picnic lunch at midday on Wednesday (so please pack a sandwich lunch for the day or notify office if you qualify for free lunch to be made in school to take).




Please pack a couple of plastic bags within your child’s luggage (in order to contain any soggy/dirty trousers, socks etc).




No electrical items including mobiles please!


Medical form MUST be returned by


Friday 8th September 2017


All payments (if you have not already done so) for this trip by Friday 8th September PLEASE!





Kit List




1: Case / Travelling Bag (as compact as possible please!)


2. Jogging bottoms/Trousers


3: Pairs of socks


4: Soap/Toothbrush, toothpaste etc.


5: Waterproof or Water RESISTANT Coat


6: Changes of Underwear


7: Tissues if necessary


8: Set of old clothes or those nearly grown out of for assault courses (likely to get very dirty!)


9: Night Clothes-e.g. onesies, pyjamas, (+dressing gown -optional)


10: Towels (x2)


11: Slippers for indoor wear(optional)


12: Sweatshirt/Jumper/hoody


13: Trainers/outdoor shoes (+ spare pair)


14: Shirts/T-Shirts


15: “Midnight” feast snacks-(sensible amount please!)


16. Carrier bags or dustbin liners for soggy socks etc




NB All bed linen is provided. There is no need to bring pillows or duvet covers etc.,


Children do not need to bring a mobile or any other electrical item with them.


The children can bring between £5 and £10.00 to spend in the souvenir shop.