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Hearing Resource Base (H.R.B.) Info.

H.R.B. Information

Hawthorn Hearing Resource Base has been established at Hawthorn School for many years.

Currently there are 24 pupils in the HRB.

Welcome to the Hawthorn Hearing Resource Base Information page.

We will add information, pictures and event information so please keep visiting us to check what is happening.

Useful websites

NDCS- National Deaf Children's Society- Lots of up to date information to support parents, children and professionals.


This is the Nottingham CI  Team's website. Again lots of useful ideas, activities and links to other websites and apps.


Signed stories

Why not share a signed story with your children......


You can find information about the new Education Health and Care Plans and other SEN information


Coffee afternoon

Thanks to the parents who joined us for the coffee afternoon. It was a shame more of you didn't make it as we had a look at the new Resource Base classroom which is now near completion. Our  SEN Governor came along and parents had the chance to meet her and ask questions.

We also had a look at the school website and children's blogging. Please explore the website and encourage your child to be involved in the blogs as this will give them a chance to write for a real purpose and improve their writing skills. We also looked at a new website called 'Primary Sign'. This is a website where you and your children can learn signs. Please ask your child's teacher for their password if you haven't already had it as you can use it at home. Please let us know what you think about it! Those parents who came found it really useful. Watch out for the next one on the first Monday in March!

HRB Coffee Afternoon

The next coffee afternoon will be on Monday 2nd February from 1:30 to 2:30 in the HUB. Please go to the main reception to sign in.

As we have said before the coffee afternoons are there to support you, the parents of deaf pupils. We need as many people to come along as possible and share their questions, points of view and their expertise.

Look forward to seeing you!

Mrs Pollard


Remember to have a look at the SEND information to find out more about what we offer. You will  find it in the key  information section