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Hawthorn Parents Association (HAPS)

HAPS stands for 'Hawthorn Association of Parents and Supporters' - it is YOUR organisation to which you, as parents, ALL belong. 


HAPS is a great opportunity for you to get involved with school and support your, and all the other, children at Hawthorn.


You can be involved as little or as much as you would like and as your time allows. 


HAPS can help raise money for all those 'extras' we would all like our children to have and experience. It can run events for the children, parents or families to enjoy such as 'discos, Summer Fayres, Fashion Shows, Quizes' .......the list is endless and we are sure that you have many more great ideas.


As we are ALL members of HAPS automatically as you are Hawthorn Parents and Supporters. However, if you feel that you would like to be more actively involved in helping to run and further support this much needed 'body' then please do contact our Pastoral Manager (Mrs Sue Zentani) or our Pastoral Assistant (Mrs Julie Swann) at any time.