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Who's Who On The Hawthorn Board Of Governors?...


 I was appointed by the Governing Body as a community governor back in 1998! I was elected as Chair of Governors in 2001. The occupants of both Chair and Vice Chair positions are decided by the other governors annually. Any governor, with the exception of the Headteacher and Staff Governor, may seek nomination for election. I have recently retired from a career in Local Government working as an auditor. I first became a governor in order to put something back into the community having benefitted from a good education at Great Barr Junior and Secondary schools in the 1960s and 70s.  I was born in Great Barr and still live in this area.                                        As Chair it is my responsibility to lead and motivate the Governing Body. I liaise closely with the head teacher and other senior staff in formulating the business of the Governing Body which meets twice per term. I also meet termly with staff concerning the Safeguarding and Attendance of pupils and report on this to the Governing Body. I am currently Year 2 Class governor and have recently been on educational visits with them to Hill Hook and Sutton Park Nature Reserves, where I assisted in building a den with a group of the children. I have also been on the school visits to Weston Super Mare and witnessed how the children really benefit from a visit to a traditional sea side resort and receive excellent support from the staff.

If you have any issues about your child’s education experience it is usually best to discuss this initially with the class teacher or head teacher. You can contact me direct by using the email address or writing to me c/o the school.

Andrew Poulton – Chair of Governing Body


As Headteacher of Hawthorn Primary School it is my absolute pleasure, privilege and honour to be part of the Governing Board.

I am fortunate to work alongside governor colleagues who share my passion and have, selflessly, volunteered to give of their time and expertise to; enhance our provision, challenge myself and support the school in ensuring and enabling the very best of outcomes for our most delightful young people.

Kate Stone  - Headteacher



I am Jan Gospel, a wife, mother of three daughters and grandmother to six grandchildren. I enjoy time spent with my family and friends, reading, gardening, sewing and visiting parts of our country and the wider world.

During my working life I worked in schools in the north of our city. Following my retirement in 2006, after a period of relaxation, I became a governor representing the Local Authority in a local school.

 During this time I had experience of all aspects of governor responsibility. As Chair for three years, I was a member of all committees including involvement in performance management, grievance procedure and in the appointment of senior staff. I particularly enjoyed my involvement with pupils and their parents regularly attending special events and residentials. When my term of office ended I was asked to serve as a Local Authority representative at Hawthorn Primary School.

I am looking forward to working for the next four years to support the Governing Body and the school in the interests of the whole school community.

Jan Gospel


I’m Ian Horton-Worby, I enjoy time spent with my family and friends, mountain biking, gardening and travelling. I work for Lloyds Banking Group as an Operational Control Manager within Trade Finance, which supports businesses in purchasing and selling goods internationally. It’s my role to ensure that the activity is conducted appropriately and is suitably controlled to keep customers, colleagues and the bank safe.

I joined the Governing Body in September 2016 as part of a volunteering programme partnered by the Bank and the Department for Education to provide opportunities to support local communities. The ability to give something back to my community and make a real difference to help children to get best possible schooling experience is something that greatly appeals to me and having spoken with the Headteacher and Chair, the role seems incredibly interesting and I am looking forward to working with the Board to support the school and enable the pupils to fulfil their potential.

Ian Horton-Worby




I am a working mum of 8 year old twins, one attends Hawthorn Primary School, the other has autism and attends Langley Primary School. I currently work as a Lunchtime Supervisor with another Primary school.

I was appointed to the Governing Body in Autumn 2015 as a co-opted governor and I am part of the Pupil Progress and Welfare Committee. I have previous experience as a Parent Governor (for two years) at another school where I was on the Finance Committee and was responsible for Safeguarding matters.

I want all children to succeed and shine. I will guide and help, with all my abilities for them to reach their goals.

Dawn Styche




I have been a school governor since 2009 within Birmingham schools.  This provides me with the opportunity to contribute to local education. I am always interested in education and want to work to continue the betterment of the local community.

In May 2016, I was elected as a Parent Governor to the Hawthorn School Governing Body and I sit on the Finance, Personnel, Site and Buildings (FPSB) Committee.


Professionally, I am a Chartered Engineer (CEng) working for Rolls-Royce and I am also a:

  • Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the IET Birmingham Branch
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the IET Control and Automation Network
  • Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (SMIEEE), USA

Dr. Mohammad Khalid Khan


Governor Name

Type of Governor


Finance, site Buildings & Personnel Committee attendance

Pupil Progress & Welfare Committee Member& attendance

Full Governing Board attendance

Term of Office


Governor at another school and position held.

Business Interests declared.


Catherine Curran

Co-opted Gov.

Health & Safety



1 / 1


22.5.2017 - 21.5.2021


Positive P.E within school

Andrew Poulton

Co-opted Gov



Link Training


Vice Chair

2 / 2


Vice Chair

1 / 1


Vice Chair






CIPFA member

Janet Gospel

Local Authority Gov.

Safer Recruitment

Financial Data



1 / 1


June 2015 -June 2019

Member at Leigh M.A Trust


Kate Stone

Head teacher

Head Teacher

2 / 2

1 / 1





Dawn Styche

Parent Gov.



0 / 1


8.2.2017 - 7.2.2021



Lunchtime Supervisor

Dr. Mohammad Khalid Khan

Parent Gov.



2 / 2



28.4.2016 - 28.4.2020



Ian Horton Worby

Co-opted Gov.

Safer Recruitment

Link gov GDPR

Chair of Full Board

1 / 2

1 / 1



21.9.2016 - 21.9.2020


Lloyds Bank plc

Harriet Appleby

Staff Gov.

Deputy Headteacher

2 / 2

1 / 1


5.12.2016 -4.12.2020




The Role Of A Governing Body Member

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Hawthorn Primary School


Statement of Behavioural Principles

  Text Box: Approved by Pupil Progress and Welfare Committee 28th April 2016
To be reviewed April 2019



Hawthorn Primary – Statement of Behaviour Principles

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 and DfE Guidance “Behaviour and Discipline in Schools, January 2016” requires the governors to make a statement of general behaviour principles to guide the Headteacher in setting out measures in the School’s Pastoral and Behaviour Policy which aim to:

• promote good behaviour, self-discipline and respect;

• prevent bullying;

• ensure that pupils actively engage in their learning;


• regulate the conduct of pupils.

Practical application of these principles is the responsibility of the Headteacher

This statement has been adopted following consultation with the Headteacher, staff and pupils and will together with the Policy be reviewed on a three yearly basis, unless national changes indicate a review is required beforehand.

This statement is meant to promote the following part of our vision:

“ For our school to be a safe and harmonious community……“

Behaviour Principles to be included in measures within the Pastoral and Behaviour Policy:

Fair and consistent application of the Policy.

Children’s, staff and visitors’ rights and responsibilities to ensure they feel safe at all times at school.

The availability of pastoral support to pupils and parents.

 Codes of Conduct for pupils and for parents which are known and understood.

The availability of a wide range of rewards which are consistently applied to encourage appropriate behaviour choices.

Sanctions for unacceptable behaviour which take into account an individual’s circumstances, are understood by staff, parents and pupils and consistently applied.

The Headteacher's right to permanently exclude a pupil where it is considered that their presence in school seriously harms their education or welfare or that of others in the school.

No toleration of violence, threatening behaviour or abuse by adults towards the school’s staff or pupils and the application of appropriate sanctions, including bans from the school premises and prosecution.

Staff receive training on the use of Care and Control Techniques.

The elimination of all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Promotion of the active engagement of all pupils in all learning opportunities.